July 31, 2013


holy shamoly i have a lot to tell you guys.
let me catch you up to speed:
// tay and i made a quick five hour visit to the er last wednesday morning.
he was experiencing some major stomach pain (i'm talking appendix...kidney stones...)
so they took a ct scan but didn't find anything! after a few hours,
the pain subsided and we headed home. it was the strangest!
nobody still knows what was wrong!

// tay's little brother cam came home from the philippines last sunday afternoon!

// i received my first order from brickyard buffalo! aren't these leggings so rad?

// a painted nest, a new pop-up shop launched on monday! i have been working
with them for about the last month in getting my products on their website!
they're so so great-and a giant plus, they're from utah (helping local business-woot woot!)
be sure to head over to their website to see other deals they have going on!
and while you're there, pick up an 8x10 print from the crooked nook, on sale!

// oh, and another thing not pictured: WE FINALLY FOUND A NEW APARTMENT!
it's a two bedroom, for when we are ready for a baby hawkins, and it allows pets!
and it's in the heart of SLC, we couldn't be more pleased!

// and finally, we are in michigan! i seriously feel like i am living in a hot tub.
it's so warm/humid here, my bangs are going to hate me.
can you say sticky forehead for dayssss?

but, in other news, ms kaylie nominated yours truly for the liebster award!
thank you very much!
so apparently the liebster award is given out to bloggers who have
less than 200 followers- it's a great way to boost your "blogosphere" with
those who are starting out and looking for a name for themselves!
so here are the rules:

 // thank your liebster blog award nominator on your blog
and link back to the blogger who presented this award to you. 
// answer the 11 questions from the nominator, list 11 random facts about yourself,
and create 11 questions for your nominees. 
// present the liebster blog award to other blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be
noticed and leave a comment on their blog to let them know they have been chosen. 
// copy/paste the blog award on your blog.

without further adieu;
random facts

1 i love me some patterned pantalones
2 my nails constantly have to be painted
3 i was a synchronized swimmer in high school
4 oh and i was also in band #nerdalert (and my husband doesn't let me forget it)
5 i am an avid teacup collector, so if you spot some gems, holla at me
6 i get on pinterest at some point every day (addicted much?)
7 someday tay and i want to open our own boutique full of super cute clothes + home decor
8 i have never been out of the united states except to go through canada on my way to NY
9 i collected beanie babies until i was like 12 and have no idea what to do with them
10 i hate mascots of any kind. even at disneyland.

and here are the answers to kaylie's questions:

1 what time do you usually wake up? 
// typically i get up at 8, sometimes i snooze until 8:15, to get to work at 9

2 what is your favorite thing about blogging?
// my favorite thing about blogging is keeping up to date with friends
i don't see often, and finding great outfit ideas from fashion blogs

3  if you had to describe yourself using five words, what would they be? 
// oh geez..ha i guess i would say fun, creative, quirky, loving & a good listener

4 natural hair color? 
// not quite sure what she meant on this one, but i'll give it a go.
i currently do not have my natural hair color, i recently went blonde
(and am loving it! i highly recommend it..blondes do have more fun).
my natural hair color is more of a dirty blonde/light brown color.

5 do you do anything special to get ready for bed?
// haha it's funny that this is a question because i was just thinking about this.
i am such a freak when it comes to getting ready for bed.
i always have to pee before bed. even if i don't really need to, i make myself.
i absolutely despise having to get up in the middle of the night with pee cramps.
it's the worst...tmi?

6 right or left handed?
// oh just right handed, like the rest of america

7 favorite place to shop? 
// this ones's a tough one.
so many places i love to shop at are hit & miss for me,
that i have a ton of places i like to go to sporadically.
i'm a fan of target most of the time, j-crew but they are $$, so it's usually factory or really on sale.
forever 21 has pretty good stuff but it's a little overwhelming because they have so much stuff.
i love h&m but again, they're pretty hit & miss. 
i'm all about thrift stores too, i've found some real gems there.

8 favorite beauty tip?
// i would have to say my favorite beauty tip is something
i used to use a lot in nebraska when we lived there a couple 
of years ago..for some reason i had really dry skin then, and needed
an extra exfoliant for my face. i would mix together lemon juice and sugar,
which created a scrub that not only smelled fabulous, but got rid of
my dry skin! then of course, moisturize. now i'm not trying to be a beauty guru,
it's just something that worked for me, but if you're having dry skin issues, try it!

9 all time favorite movie
// holy crap this one's hard too! i love movies.
if i had to narrow it down, i would say my favorite movie is either;
clueless, mean girls, or the little mermaid.
clueless, because my best friend lauren and i always quote that movie.
mean girls, because who doesn't love mean girls?
and the little mermaid because it's always been a favorite since i was little!

10 who is the one person you know you can go to with anything and why?
// oh this one's easy peasy. taylor, hands down. he's my very best
friend and we tell each other everything. a marriage has to be based on
communication and trust, so we always go to each other with anything!

11 what is something you're passionate about?
i wish i had a really great cause i could advocate for for this one, but i don't.
the thing i am passionate about is happiness.
we all have the agency to choose our happiness, and when something
gets in the way of that, cut it out. you only live once (yolo, for you kourtney k's out there),
so why would you have anything in your life that obstructs from that?

tag, you're it:

feel free to snag the questions kaylie had for me, or make up your own!

thanks for those who made it all the way through this post, props to you.

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