August 26, 2012

Real Hooker Saloon

Last night my lovely husband and I enjoyed the annual
Back-To-School Saloon at the Real Hooker Saloon
hosted by our very good friend Drew VanDyke.

The entertainment was as clever as ever, and the IBC's just as fresh.

One of the highlights this year was that Tay did a demonstration on "how to shave a mustache" at Barber Tay's Barber Shop.
(Made by yours truly.)
It was seriously hysterical.

Another great part of last night was the "Kershisters"
(the Kershisnik Sisters)
and their rendition of a Bob Dylan song.
I recorded a part of it, but of course it wouldn't load on here.
But they were AMAZING.

Needless to say, the night was very fun!
Hopefully there will be pictures up soon that I can share with you.

So now it's time for our Blog segment:

Take my workouts to the max & eat fruit everyday.

Check these out.
I am literally drooling over these.
They're a bit expensive, but worth it?

Check out this blog.
I found it off Pinterest and they have some awesome recipes!!
I'm all for new favorites, like THESE:


August 13, 2012

In With The New

So, new blog!
I'm excited to start new!
It's been so long since I've even blogged.

I have officially been married for a year and two months in five days!
And it just keeps getting better! Truly!

So, a short catch-up...

We have a new little kitten, Charlie! He's about four months old, and FULL of energy!
He's our sanity before we have little Ashley's and Taylor's running around.

Secondly, I'm officially done organizing and designing our house! It feels great!
I pretty much got most of my ideas from Pinterest, which is just the greatest thing ever.

I have been moved up to designing at work (at the vinyl lettering store)
for the past few months, and it's been really fun!
If you're interested in looking at what we have to offer, check out

Tay and I took family pictures with my family when we went to visit in May. 
Here are a few!

Tay and I also got some 1-year anniversary pictures taken, too!
 This is one of my favorites.

So school starts in like, a week! Can you believe it?
I can't.
This summer went so fast! It's insane!
However, I am excited to be done with hot weather.
I'm ready for scarves, jeans, sweaters, jackets, and boots!

Welp, that's about it!
I'll keep you posted on what's happenin' in the Hawkins household.

I'm going to be posting a goal, and a new favorite fashion item at the end of each of my blogs.
It helps me keep my thoughts together, and let's you all know what I'm crushin' on in the way of style.

Make a conscious effort to stop gossip and drama in the work place.


I've really been digging all the new Indie boots that I've seen around!
These are my favorite so far.
You can find them at H&M for only $25!
You can bet these will be my next purchase!
So cute, right?