August 27, 2013


for the last seven years, tay's old room mate + good friend drew
has thrown a saloon in the basement of his house (he has an entire room dedicated to it).
(yes, that's me in the dress on tay's lap, and yes, that's tay doing a mustache demonstration, ha!)

my first saloon experience was two years ago, and can i just say drew
really outdid himself this year?
there's something sublime about everyone getting dressed up in their
saloon best, drinking IBC root beer all night, talking in western accents,
and tay breaking out his best dance moves.
not to mention the puppet show, musical numbers, ghost stories,
dances, and just being with people you rarely ever get to see.

with all the craziness going on in my life, this is exactly what i needed!
thanks for all the wonderful ladies in my life that have left me words of encouragement;
you are simply divine.

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August 23, 2013


those of you who follow me on twitter have probably seen my
redundant tweets about my weird life for the past couple of weeks.
i can't divulge a ton of information, to protect the apartment complex,
and our buns, but the last couple of weeks (the last month, really) has been
such a roller coaster; emotionally and physically.

between apartment issues, personal issues, and having someone
at work who does a ton for the company quitting;
my life yesterday could literally have been from an episode of true life: my life sucks.

for those of you who are worrying about my sanity;
i'm just fine.
(i promise)

last night tay and i were walking around city creek with a
peach coconut italian soda and salted caramels, 
i looked at him; the goofy smile still on his face, even though it felt like our world
was crumbling beneath our very feet. i couldn't help but smile.
he really is my rock, i don't know what i would do without him.
with all these little black rain clouds hovering around,
i was able to take a step back last night after everything calmed down
and realize that the Lord really does have a plan for us.
He puts situations in our way that help us grow, mature, and help us
realize who and what is important in life.

i feel like i always write about this when i have weird, unexpected
things happen in life that don't go exactly how i'd like them to;
so just continue to expect the same shpeel.
oh, and on two totally different notes, i finally met up with
the lovely rylee blake for dinner monday night!
it was like we had been friends for years! she's fabulous.

also; i have added a few new prints to the shop-all 10 dollas.

i'm not gonna lie, i can't wait to have a little nuggy so i can decorate its room.
i guess my living room will work in the mean time;
when i actually have a house again...

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August 17, 2013


okay, have you been to waffle love?
it's a food truck full of waffley goodness + fruit + heavenly cream
that drives around utah valley...
can i just say the waffle itself is fabulous!
it's soft, but crispy, sugary and caramelized, 
not to mention the cream, the strawberries, oh and the nutella!
we ventured down to provo to have a sleepover with our best friends
nate + kristin, they are so wonderful!

so i'm proud to announce that our apartment is slowly coming together.
i'll post pics as soon as it's more up to par!

happy saturday!

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August 14, 2013


so i think things are finally starting to slow down.
my apartment is still in shambles,
there's no food in the fridge because we haven't been home to cook,
my cat has been very attention deprived,
and my nails haven't been painted in weeks.
 but thanks to my amazing husband,
and having evenings off, it's all slowly coming together again.
h a l l e l u j a h
all i need now is some cooler weather, and life will be good.

on another note, today i did something that i've been afraid to do for too long.
i can't go into details, but it could mean fabulous changes.
and this time, good changes.
keep every appendage crossed for me?
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August 10, 2013


man i had no idea that the last few weeks would be such a whirlwind!
between going + coming home from michigan,
moving EVERYTHING into our new apartment
in literally two days, then having a family
reunion, and cameron's (tay's little brother) homecoming tomorrow,
my life has been a nonstop roller coaster ride (get it? >>)
our vacation was so fabulous-we ended on a trip to chicago!
tay and i are pretty much in love with that city..

the day we got home, we ended up packing half our house and dropping
it off at our new apartment; let me just tell you this, i don't recommend it.
it was the longest day ever.

i have so many wonderful memories from our first little basement apartment.
our amazing ward, our crazy upstairs neighbors, the awesome location,
and the little shops that were so close-not to mention sugarhouse park!
the move has been difficult for me, as i am not a huge fan of change.
i know that this new place will be great, once we find our groove,
but i'm just so comfortable with where we were, that it's hard to want anything different.
know what i mean?

on a completely different note, we had tay's family reunion
this weekend and i caught this gem on camera;
oh my heck, i died.
seriously cannot wait to have kids.

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August 2, 2013

home sweet home

people always ask me before i leave to come home;
"are you so excited to go home?"
of course, i say yes! but yesterday, i realized how much
i absolutely love being home!
i love the smells, the memories, the feeling, the people,
the way everyone is so care-free and easy-going;
i love everything about this small, 10,000 person populated town.

(sorry about the picture quality, we forgot our camera!)

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