July 17, 2013


welcome to my new and improved blog!
(i know i've had you just chomping at the bit for the big reveal)
thanks to the wonderful
my blog is finally lookin fresh--i'm kind of obsessed.

she's got a lot of talent, and is so willing to work with you!
if you're anything like me, and are slightly picky, kaylie is super awesome at being patient
and tweeking it to make sure it's just the way you want it!
be sure to check out the new "about us" section, too-that was my small contribution.

since kaylie started doing blog designing on the side, and since i've
opened my etsy store, we've wanted to team up for a giveaway swap for you all
and the time has finally come! here's the deets;
to win a free blog makeover
(basic package, click here to see what that entails),
all you have to do is;

+ follow kaylie on blog lovin here
+ follow her instagram 
+ be sure to comment below to qualify,
stating what steps you did!

if you want to see more samples of her designing and what crazy talent she has,
check out these lovely ladies' blogs;
and don't forget to visit her blog to enter to win a free print, swaddle blanket,
or trinket holder from the crooked nook too! only 1 different winner of each giveaway.
(giveaway will end at midnight on Tuesday, July 23)

also a special thanks to those who contributed to my last post-it's been a really great insight.

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  1. I love the new look!! Especially your header!
    Xo Morgan

    1. Morgan, don't forget to enter the giveaway! :)

    2. Thanks girl! Did you enter to win?!

  2. I have done all the steps!! Hope to win a new blog design!!

  3. Yo, I've done all of the steps! Followed blog and insta! Here's to hoping I win! :)

  4. Ash your blog is lookin divine!
    I started following kaylie hooser on bloglovin and instagram so i've done all the steps!
    praise be to jesus if i win this because my blog needs serious help haha i've done everything via google search but it needs some work and help from someone who knows what they're doing! and i would love to win one thing for just once in my life! SO PICK ME PLEASE!!!!!!! i love her blog designs!

    -JEWELZ at thelolajames.blogspot.com

  5. This giveaway swap is such a good idea!

    Following her on bloglovin: April, classy little things blog
    & instagram: misscossey!


  6. Oh. My. Gouda. I would love a new blog make over!!! I can never figure it out on my own.... I followed her both on blog lovin' and insty.

    Finger crossed :)


  7. oh no I'm sorry, the giveaway just closed! But thank you for your interest/entry! You can contact kaylie for more info if you'd like her to fix up your blog! She's super cheap and really great!