December 15, 2014

brickyard buffalo // giveaway winner

for those of you who follow my etsy store instagram,
you know that today we launched 3 of our best selling prints on brickyard buffalo today!
i couldn't be more excited (obviously...i had a countdown).

our prints are regularly $10 and for four more days, they are discounted to $7!

go here to see my deal, and others!

& a special congrats to becky who won kayla's giveaway! i have emailed you
to get more info on your free print & address-thanks to all who entered!

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December 12, 2014

oops // giveaway

six months!
holy smokes, our little nugs are six whole months old!
they are such a joy, and chance every single day!
they both roll over like crazy and i'm seeing glimpses of the beginnings
of army crawling-yikes!

they love their solids, especially bananas, sweet potatoes and applesauce.
ollie loves to steal max's toys (who puts up a fight on his own!)
he has two teeth and is always blowing raspberries.
he is getting better at sitting up but still needs a little help,
although he is crazy strong!

max loves to lick and suck on everything.
toys, the floor, blankets, his name it, he's licked it.
still gummin' it, and doesn't show any signs of teething.
he loves his name and kisses on his neck.
he can sit with support, not a fan of his bumbo or car seat.

i knew you'd look through all the pictures-and i'm glad you did!
because i have great news!
my dear friend kayla at all my best regards is doing a crooked nook giveaway!
see this post for more details, and check out my etsy store here.
i'm also doing 10% off all orders until Monday with the coupon code KAYLA.


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November 20, 2014

family photos // christmas card

tay + i thought it was kind of dumb to do christmas cards for just the two of us,
so the last two christmas' we have spent together we haven't sent out cards.
but now that our family of two has doubled to a family of four, we figured it was due time!
i entered a mini photo session giveaway from talented elise
from And Elise Photo & Film on insta and we won!
(i never win anything so this was a big deal!)

i can't tell you how many outfit options i went through.
it was ridiculous.
but we made it, and i'm so happy with out they turned out.
now which one to use for christmas cards... (seriously though, any input would be amazing)

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November 17, 2014

five months

  • rolls from tummy to back, working on back to front
  • always has his tongue out or his hand in his mouth
  • can hold onto objects and grab toys
  • is very into grabbing faces lately
  • loves to laugh, smile, talk and squeal
  • pretty much grunts/growls all day long (watch this video)
  • smiles at anything and is a huge flirt
  • loves the words purple and cow
  • scoots all over the floor
  • loves to practice sitting up and hanging out in his bumbo
  • loves bath time
  • hates his car seat with a passion
  • sleeps from 8pm-about 7 (thanks time change)
  • really good at entertaining himself in his crib
  • loves story time and trying to grab the pages
  • great at naps, have a really good routine groove
  • has started first solids and has done well
  • wears 0-3 month, 3-6 month some 6 month clothes
  • loves to be outside
  • signs of teething but no teeth as far as we can tell
  • you have a huge bald spot on the back of your head from fighting eating time
  • such a stinker and oh so curious
  • loves daddy, watches him when he walks in at night
ollie's favorite past time, as of lately
  • rolls from back to tummy and is getting better at rolling from tummy to back
  • likes to sleep on his side, occasionally switching to tummy
  • loves to giggle, smile, talk and squeal
  • smiles at anything and is a huge flirt
  • hates his bumbo
  • still spits up
  • loves bath time
  • hates his car seat with a passion
  • sleeps from 8pm-about 7/7:30 (thanks time change..)
  • scaredy cat-sometimes his brother's growls scares the crap out of him
  • size 1 diapers
  • wears 0-3 month, 3-6 month some 6 month clothes
  • enjoys being outside
  • kicks his feet a lot
  • so so happy
  • doesn't really grab at toys, he kind of punches them with fists but will grab toys if placed in front of him
  • if there is one word to describe mr max as it would be sweet, he is such a sweetheart
  • cat naps most of the time, but we have a pretty good routine down
  • loves daddy, watches him when he walks in at night
  • sometimes wakes up too early and won't go back to sleep and gets to snuggle in bed with mom & dad-that's the best!
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October 9, 2014

Four Months

here's what they're up to;
+ loves to smile-we nicknamed him smiley jack because you give
him one good smile, he'll always return the favor!
+ he has rolled over from back to tummy quite a few times, and is getting
better at it everyday! he has also taken to scooting on his back all over the floor-
he is dying to be mobile!
+ isn't a huge fan of tummy time still, but likes it more when he can move around
+is starting to grab at hanging toys
+ his eyes are turning more of a blue color
+ doesn't have much hair still
+ moved up to size 1 diapers
+ is so stubborn
+ puts up quite a battle while eating
+ loves, loves, loves to be just in his diaper, or nakey
+ has started to laugh-it's seriously the cutest thing in the world!
+ loves mommy's special soft scarf
+ usually sleeps through the night, sometimes waking around 6 then back down until 8
+ loves to practice standing up when he's on our lap
+ holds his head up really well, still a little floppy when he sits in his bumbo
+ loves story time and watching colors on the tv (#theamericanway)
+ not a fan of his car seat but likes going on drives
+ babbles to himself in his crib instead of taking naps
loves the song "if you're happy and you know it"
+ not sure on weight and length but have an appointment next week

*he will certainly give us a run for our money when he gets older, and even now,
he's such a little ham and always keeps us laughing! we love our little ollie so much
and can't believe how big he is getting, and how many things he is learning!

+ has such a sweet, tender spirit
+ is definitely the more sensitive brother
+ is the king of spitting up but still loves to eat
+ has started laughing, and his smile fills and lights up his whole face
+ usually sleeps through the night, sometimes waking around 6 then back down until 8
+ his head's still a little floppy-isn't a big fan of tummy time but we still try!
+ loves story time and watching colors on the tv (#theamericanway)
+ squeals when excited
+ loves, loves, loves sucking on his tongue and hands
+ will talk with you in coos and goos 
+ not a fan of getting his diaper changed
+ also not a fan of his car seat
+ hair is growing like a weed
+ eyes are turning more of a green color
+ not sure on weight and length but have an appointment next week
*he is such a tender little guy-it's hard to not baby him
(i mean..he is a baby, but you know what i mean!)
we love him so much, he is such a positive light and joy!

max & ollie, four months

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September 26, 2014


things are really good right now.
the boys are almost 4 months and growing like weeds!
finally getting naps down pat-hallelujah!

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