December 30, 2013

we prayed for one, we were blessed with two

i don't know how many of you remember back in september i wrote a post
about going through a trial.
i can officially tell you all that that trial is over, for now!
and we couldn't be happier.
on november 5, tay and i found out we are expecting a little nugget!

i remember the day like it was yesterday.
it was the first huge snow storm of the year.
i had taken one of those early tests on halloween but it was negative.
i was supposed to start my cycle on the 5th, and though-eh! why not?
if i'm not..that just means i'll have to go in for testing, so i figured i'd 
just give it a shot!
i had one pregnancy test i waited for the stick to turn,
i got an excited, warm feeling in the pit of my stomach.
i watched the two little signs start to show and had to blink several times
to be sure i was seeing it right!
for months it had been negative after negative (after negative).
i ran into our bedroom (which is only like 5 feet from the bathroom)
and jumped onto our bed-waking tay up from his slumber with my
shouts of joy and tears.
he was half asleep still and asked, "how did that happen?!"
well kids...the birds and the bees...

i wanted to be extra sure that the test was right, so i ventured out into
the freezing cold snow storm to the smiths near our house.
of course, the pharmacy was closed and all the tests were locked
behind a huge gate. serious?!
i asked an employee if i could get one, and she took me to a case
full of them across the store.
she kept looking me up and down, probably thinking i looked about 15..
anyway, i bought the test, came back and took 2 more-both positive!
i drove to work, my mind spinning.
my heart racing and my hands clammy.
we didn't expect to see any results for at least another year.
Heavenly Father really has a way with timing!

at our 8 week baby appointment, we got to see the bean and
hear the heart beat.
while we were getting our ultrasound, he moved around my
belly and nonchalantly said, "here's the baby........and here's the other one!"
we both looked at each other...TWINS?!?
are you for real?!
two little beans inside my belly!
can you believe it?
our parents sure couldn't! i'm working on a video to share with you all.
we didn't tell our parents or tay's family until christmas eve/day!
they could not have been more surprised, happy, ecstatic, excited..
you name it, they were it.

2014 will definitely be a crazy ride, but the more i think about it,
the more excited i get.
minus the fact that i'll never sleep again..
i've still got a long ways to go-i can't wait to share this journey with
all you lovely blogging buddies.

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  1. congrats!! so excited for you :) and twins?! ahh! love it.

    1. Thank you!! I can't wait to see your little nugget!

  2. ahhh!!! so exciting!! best of luck to you and yours. :)

  3. Ahhh this made my eyes swell up! I'm so so so incredibly excited for you Ashley! You'll make one great Mama and I cannot WAIT too see how you dress that that little baby, [babies**] bump!
    Kristin xx

    1. thanks girl! Miss you! oh I'll document, don't worry!

  4. love this, love you! can't wait to meet both of the nuggets!

    1. love you!! miss your face. we still on to party soon?

    2. yes, let's please do! next weekend let's set something up!

  5. Ashley seriously?! I got teary eyed and even got the chills! I'm SO EXCITED for you guys. I remember you were saying you were on Chlomid -- is that why you're having twins? haha! Maybe it's those extra prayers! I put your name in the temple when I went, weekly. I'm so happy for you guys. You're going to make the best parents and I can'ts say enough. Congratulations, Ash. Love you tons!!

    1. you're seriously the best, thank you so much! I was on chlomid, yes, but I also have twins on my dad and mom's side so genetics probably had something to do with it! Only 6% of people on chlomid actually have twins! thanks for all your prayers and support! You are lovely! love you!

  6. Yayayay! That's so exciting! Congrats to the two of you and the two to come! Xo

  7. this is so exciting. may i ask you a personal question? how long was it that you were wanting a baby (or babies ;) ) before you found out you were pregnant? i'm just trying to manage this whole wait patiently and not freak out that there's something wrong with me stage and am curious as to how other people handle it.

    1. Hi! No, I welcome the personal questions! My husband and I tried from about March until October. My doctor originally put me on chlomid to regulate my cycles because I wasn't ovulating, then she ended up doing it because we wanted to get pregnant. Looking back, I would have tried to figure out my body, rather than jumping the gun on trying for kids, and I do believe part of that was my doctors fault for not encouraging that route more. She ended up giving us a double dose and here we are! So we didn't struggle with it long, but I got a glimpse into what people go through for years and it wasn't pretty. My best advice to you would be to have patience. I don't know if you're a religious person, but reach out to the Lord and he can direct you immensely! Or at least bring you comfort. Good luck, I can't wait to hear your story!