May 29, 2013

oh hey...

one month
until we get to see this hot mama.
i'm probably going to crap my pants...
i've been waiting my whole life to see beyonce.
and not only do i get to see her, but i get to see her with the love of my life;
that makes it a million times better
(just wanted you guys to share my excitement)


May 28, 2013

not gonna lie..

this was probably the most uneventful weekend ever.
but honestly, i was okay with it!
i've been so busy lately that it was nice to just veg out and catch up on my shows!
ah-hem; new girl. i've missed the last 4 episodes! ah!

saturday tay had to work at four, so we bummed around for a while, sent out
the crooked nook orders, then went and got snow cones at jolley's in SLC--sooo good!
it was the second day they had been open for the summer so it was kindof a big deal.
if you go there, mix peach & mango--it is the best thing your tongue will ever taste!

sunday we went to church, and then met up with ms hailee to give her
her bridals pictures (here are a few-i can't believe i didn't show them!)
she's such a beautiful bride! only two and a half weeks until the big day!

anywho, after we dropped off the cd of pictures, we headed over to grandma hawkins'
for a family party full of chit chat, hot dogs, amazing corn on the cob,
hamburgers and peanut butter bars--the best!
after dinner, we headed home and set up our two man tent and had a nice little backyard
campout! we watched (half of) warm bodies (it was kindof we turned it off).
monday tay had to work at noon, and i had the day off, so i designed and relaxed until he
got off work, then we went to Hires Big H for burgers (sooooo good!) and watched
the season premiere of  the bachelorette --woo! honestly i was sorely disappointed
with this season's crop of men..i mean there was some serious barrel scraping with this group.
any favorites so far from those bachelorette fans out there?
i'm excited to see how this season plays out...looks dramatic (which is nothing haha)

also: congrats to the winners from rylee's giveaway for the crooked nook!
check out her blog to see who won and contact me at the link she has to get your prints!

check out our new items--a few new prints and our chalkboard mug!
the link is on the right of this page, or you can click here!


May 25, 2013

thank you

i just wanted to take the time to say
thank you

thank you, to all those who have supported me so far in this journey.

for those girls who have reached out to feature, share, and talk about my etsy store.
you don't know how much it means to me!
all the comments on rylee's giveaway-thank you ladies! thank you thank you!
you are all so sweet!

i can't wait to see where this journey continues to take me
and it wouldn't go far without people like you.

i am so blessed at this time in my life, and it's taken me a while to realize it,
but God has given me so many talents, and i'm excited to continue sharing
them with you all.

in other news; head over to this cute little lady's blog/instagram for a
mug giveaway from the crooked nook!
thanks to michelle for contacting me--i'm so happy to team up with her for this
great giveaway--perfect for birthdays, wedding, fathers day, or just because!
(or heck--keep it for yourself!)

you all are absolutely wonderful, and would love to hear
more feedback--quotes you want, mug ideas, or pottery ideas i can relay to my mother in law!


May 22, 2013


head over to my lovely friend rylee's blog to enter to win
a giveaway from the crooked nook!

hurry, hurry!


May 19, 2013

summer '13

happy sunday friends!
today tay and i made our summer bucket list, or at least a rough draft:
have you guys made one yet?
i wanna hear more ideas, so please share!

things at the crooked nook are going very well lately!
i had four sales this week!
i have even had a few ladies at church ask about customs!
i'm so so so excited everything is picking up!
(not that four sales is picking up, but i've had six total and four of them were this week! it's a start!)
i have two lovely ladies featuring my store/doing a giveaway soon
of some items from my store! as soon as the giveaways are up and running, i'll
post the link to their blogs on here-i'd love for you all to enter!

here are a few things from my store that i am loving--i hope you do too!
people have been eating this one up (see what i did there? ha!) and it's definitely
one of my personal favorites!
have you guys noticed deer are "the animal" now?
move aside owls, the deer are moving in! personally, i'm loving them!
one of my newest additions to the shop is this awesome chalkboard mug!
the chalkboard paint is heavy duty (not the stuff you find at hobby lobby or michael's, i mean heavy 
duty), and can be written on with a chalk pen or regular chalk!
check the rest of my shop out here

last night we went to a fireside about marriage together which was really awesome!
afterwards we went to the red butte cafe--oh. my. heck.
if you are in the sugarhouse area and looking for a bite to eat, go there!
they have a wide variety and their prices aren't bad either.
tay and i both ordered off the mexican portion of the menu and they were both amazing!
what a hunk!
i can't believe next month we will be married for two years!
what an unbelievable two years it's been!


May 16, 2013

loving this

okay, i am seriously loving this song right now.
i listened to it on repeat for hours today at work!
it's from the great gatsby (which, by the way, is amazing. if you haven't seen it, you need to!!)
i love this song so much i maaay or may not be making a print of the lyrics right now...

also, loving the office series finale tonight.
i've already teared up-i love this show, i'm so sad it's ending!


May 13, 2013

week/weekend update

i'm glad this last week is finally over-what a crazy one!
between taking engagement pictures, getting ready to move locations for work,
getting orders from the crooked nook ready to go, and going to the doc on Friday,
this week has been more than crazy!

saturday tay and i hit up city creek and i got a few new pairs
of shoes--my favorite ones i got were my lace oxfords from h&m.
they are so cute and perfect for summer!

afterwards, i went to my future cousin's bridal shower, then saturday evening
tay's brother skyped us from the philippines!
it was so great to see & talk with him! he seems so happy!
he will be home in just under three months--and ladies, he's single!
also--click here to hear him speak in tagolag-so cool!!

also-shout out to my beautiful mother & mother in law,
thank you so much for everything you do for tay and i.
especially the love, support, encouragement, laughter, advice,
help and spiritual guidance you both give to me.
i'm so grateful for a mother i can go to if i need anything, and that you're just a phone call away.
i can't wait to be a mother someday (hopefully soon!) and become the best friend
to them that my mom is to me.
i love you both so much!!


May 8, 2013


hey peeps
i've been pretty much running around like a chicken with its head cut off
these past few days...i've been so busy, which is a change for me!
with my shop opening up, having the opportunity to take my cousin's engagement
pictures, and of course work, my life has been pretty hectic!

a shout out to those who have not only checked out our store, but who have purchased!
i had my first sale the day after it opened!! woo woo! thank you!
when i attended grand valley state university (a university i commuted
to right after high school, before i moved to utah) i was actually a photography major!
it never really went anywhere, because i moved
on to journalism, then on to (now) graphic design, but photography
has always been a passion of mine (just look at my instagram...over 400 pictures!)
so when my cousin called and asked me to take his engagement, bridal, and wedding day
photos, i was completely honored, and so nervous i could crap my pants.

wedding day pictures? engagements?
they hadn't ever even seen any of my work, which was mostly of
plants, doors, and other...not alive objects.
i wasn't into shooting people.

however, i accepted the offer, and told them if they didn't like
what i did with the engagements, they could back out, no hard feelings.
so yesterday i put on my big girl panties, said a silent prayer,
took my lovely husband's advice and acted like i knew exactly what i was doing.
after a while, i even started to believe it myself.
what a great application to everyday life, too!
i don't want to put too many up, since i haven't given hailee the cd yet.
but they are seriously the cutest!
and it was so nice to get to know my cousin better!
i'm so excited to have Hailee as a member of our family, and know the two of them
will be absolutely perfect together!

i'm so glad tay was able to help me, too! we made a pretty awesome team, 
it was a really great day!


May 5, 2013

Boogie Down

came across this gem today while at tay's grandparents' house.
amazing rhythm, jered & jody, amazing.
i have more i'll share later, but could only grab this one.
you're welcome.
i love my family!


May 4, 2013

The Crooked Nook

the crooked nook is now open!
you can visit us here!
i would love your feedback, so please leave comments below!
i will hopefully be doing a giveaway soon, so keep your eyes peeled!


May 3, 2013

the big day, picture overload

they came!
yesterday, they came!
my wedding pictures finally made their way back home!
now maybe i'll scrapbook who am i kidding?
(ow ow!)
unfortunately our freaking amazing dance party after we left the wedding
didn't get photographed, but i heard quite a few of our guests really got down!
thank you, tyler, for taking our pictures!