July 21, 2013

i'm feelin 23

okay okay you guys knew that title was coming...#taylorswiftswag

i had a birthday on thursday!
and it was the most delightful birthday i've had in years!

tay surprised me with this puffin cookie jar from anthro i've been swooning over for months!
he's such a gem.

i peaced out of work early and met my sister who came down from logan.
we hopped over to target and my sissy bought me wedges as my birthday gift!
she's the best.  then we went and got our nails did (we had a treat yoself day).
Afterwards she went with me to my hair appointment where
i slowly but surely (3 hours later) became a blonde!
i'm still slightly undecided about it, because my bangs need to be fixed..it's like i'm wearing
clip in bangs that are completely the wrong color...
like bleach blonde barbie meets serena vanderwoodsen..
i'll put up a pic as soon as they're fixed on tuesday.
after my long and excruciating day of pampering myself, i joined tay's family
for dinner, then headed to the mall to visit tay at work.
afterwards we went to olive garden, because that was the only place open later than 9:00.
there was a stamp-it convention in town so the place was packed.
we were so stuffed + tired after that, we went home and crashed,
plus we didn't get home until almost midnight!

thanks to all of you who made it extra special!

so we decided to take tay's little brothers to the zoo (when i say little i mean 18 + 16)
in a continuing birthday celebration day. it was awesome-i hadn't been since i was like 10!
(tay and i were both disappointed that the lion drinking fountain was gone-what the crap?!)
we went to a spectacular bird show-if you go to the zoo anytime soon,
i highly recommend it, it's incredible! (you can see snippets on my vine/twitter)
and we can't leave out the adorable elephants-they're my favorite.

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  1. No lion head drinking fountain! One of my best childhood memories has been crushed! Sounds like you had a great birthday. I can't believe you are 23! Just stop it, o.k., 'cause that means that I am getting another year older too. :-(. I would love to see a picture of the cookie jar and the shoes - should you feel so inclined. By the way, the penguins were always my favorite animal at the zoo (even though they stink). Love you!

    1. I know!! I was so sad! they didn't have penguins either!

  2. The lion drinking fountain was gone?! What the heck?! It was there last time I went!!! That's ridiculous though!!!

    1. girl! i know right?! I was so sad! that was the only thing i even remembered about the zoo! haha