July 13, 2013

as of lately

hey dudes.
did ya notice my instagram widget? >>>>>
super cool, right?
i ran into the tutorial from the lovely rylee blake a while back
and just got around to putting it on! you can find the tutorial here.
also, don't forget to follow me on my IG!

so the hubs and i have spent the last few days at our
in laws, since our land lord is here from nevada,
which means operation hide charlie.
hence one of the reasons we are finding a new place.
tay and his dad went fishing, so i'm just hangin out with mr charlie
while he watches the rain fall out the window
and i try to resist doing some online shopping...
and also listening to the most amazing song i found yesterday;
you can find it on my spotify playlist.
give it a listen, you won't regret it.

i also wanted to give you all a heads up on something exciting coming up-
my dear friend kaylie and i have teamed up to do a giveaway swap!
she will be featuring the crooked nook and doing a giveaway, and in return,
i will be doing a blog makeover giveaway! she's recently gotten into the business
of blog designing, and wants to share her talents with one lucky winner!

we are just putting finishing touches on things, then it will be up!

OH YEAH-and five days til my birthday-hollaaaa! the big two-three.
i love birthdays.

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