March 2, 2013

free fonts & sunny saturday

happy sunny saturday everyone!
i'm telling you, i'm seriously loving this weather!
i even wore my new maxi skirt today-didn't see it? click here

this weekend we didn't go to breakfast,
since taylor had a work meeting and brought me back a bagel,
so we decided to go on an adventure to gardner village! ever been there?
they have a cute kids book store, great furniture and home decor stores,
a few MILF stores, a bakery
and their candy store is bomb.

oh, and found a (faux) brown leather jacket for $7
can i get a woo woo?
found it at a place called "susie's deals" which is just a few miles down the road
(we were going to target and walked past their deal racks hangin' outside)
which, ironically enough tay and i were cracking jokes about when we saw the name of the store
it's pretty much like gen-x and heck yes i'll take a $7 leather jacket!

so i don't think i've told you guys, but i work at a vinyl lettering boutique
and i am one of two designers for our vinyl decals
(among 248795 other things i do on the daily)
want to see our stuff? check it out.
and since i deal with fonts all day, every day i figured i'd share my favorites with you-enjoy!