June 22, 2013

six things

thanks to mrs kaylie for tagging me to do the "six things" blog post!
i love getting to know other bloggers (like i've said before), so here's your
opportunity to get to know me a little better!
first up;

1) favorite song off the top of your head. don't think about it. just go
(and provide a link if you can)! 

oh this one's easy peasy;
i have two favorite right now (two is better than one, right?)
+ first up is blurred lines by robin thicke, t.i. and pharrell
you can find the song here (i didn't put the actual video on here, it's a bit riskaay).
+ second is royals by lorde. tay and i have been obsessed with this song for about a week.
you can find it here.

2) hurry, take a quick piccy of your outfit today! name your favorite thing about what you're
wearing or give us a little note about your personal style and what it means to you. 
i love having a personal style, it's such a great way to express myself!
i got a screamin' deal on this skirt at uptown cheapskate, which is definitely my favorite part
of this outfit-it goes with so many things! you can dress it up, or dress it down.
sandals + chambray was a target find-love target.
bangles were a gift from tay for our anniversary, which he got at forever 21.

3) spill. what's your guilty pleasure? 

okay, you're going to laugh, but my guilty pleasure are those gummy hot dogs/hamburgers..
you know the ones. i have no idea why i love them so much, but i do!
i could eat a million in one sitting!
i also love a good hot fudge sundae from mcdonalds + fries.

4) any beauty secrets you're currently loving?
not necessarily a beauty secret, i'm not a huge makeup person, but i've been
loving these mint & gold nail polish colors recently! it's a great way to add a pop
of color to any outfit, and the perfect colors for summer!

5) why do you blog? and what do you find to be the most rewarding
thing that has come from it? 

the main reason why i blog is because i am the worst at journaling.
i'm on my computer much more, and it's just a lot more convenient for me.
i also love reading about other people's lives and getting to know them.
the most rewarding thing that has come from blogging has been the friendships
i've made through them, as well as the fact that i have written down memories,
stories, experiences and trials that i will have forever!

6) what is the funniest/most embarrassing thing that happened this week?

haaaha nothing super funny/embarassing happened this week, but last week i rear ended someone
on the corner of 21st and 21st in salt lake on my way to work. i woke up with the sun shining,
a cute outfit and a good hair day...i was snap chatting my best friend back home emily at the
stop light, and you know when you have the foot on the brake but not totally on the brake?
yup, that's what happened...i just bumped the back of their car, so there was no damage done
(thank goodness!) but it was pretty embarassing...especially since i honked at her for not going on
a green light a few blocks before...oops.

now it's your turn! choose six from these questions;

1. what is the funniest/most embarrassing thing that happened this week? 
2. spill. what's your guilty pleasure? 
3. hurry, take a quick piccy of your outfit today! name your favorite thing about what you're wearing or give us a little note about your personal style and what it means to you. 
4. any beauty secrets you're currently loving? 
5. who has been the most inspiring person for you? why? 
6. favorite song off the top of your head. don't think about it. just go (and provide a link if you can)! 
7. what's a personal trial that you've had to overcome? 
8. why do you blog? and what do you find to be the most rewarding thing that has come from it? 

and i tag;

looking forward to reading allllll about you guys!

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June 21, 2013


our adorable button earrings are now up in our etsy shop!
check them out--only $8 a pair!

also this;
thoughts about the new instagram video feature?

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June 20, 2013


hey peeps.

so i told you i'd tell you about our anniversary;

monday night we exchanged gifts
(nothing huge, since we are going to vegas next weekend)
and he got me this beauty, along with a few other accessories;

then tuesday morning, tay left early for class and i went to work.
during work he texted me and said he couldn't go to lunch because
he had a paper he forgot about to do.
i have to admit, i was pretty sad.
not only did we have to wait a week to actually celebrate,
but now no lunch date, and tay had to work that night until 9.
at this point, i knew i was just feeling sorry for myself but how could i not?
i had been waiting for this day for like a week!

later, tay texted to meet him downtown after he got off work
and i could choose where we went to dinner.
i left work a little early to get some orders to the post office on time
and as i came down our street and pulled into our driveway,
there was his car!

he surprised me with flowers, a clean house,
dinner (a swedish special he used to make on his mission) and a switched day of work!
i couldn't have been happier!!
after a delicious dinner, we went and got maggie moos ice cream
and walked around the little sugarhouse shops.

he's just the cutest.
i'm so grateful for the person that taylor is, and the person he brings out in me.
he is the most caring, loving, silly, confident, spiritual, personable, genuine,
sweet, amazing man in the world and i'm so so happy to be his wife.

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June 17, 2013

weekend update

what an absolutely lovely weekend!

+ saturday: ran errands like a crazy person for my crooked nook orders
as well as charlie's birthday, fathers day, and grocery shopping while tay
took care of some homework he had been neglecting all week because of the
wedding on thursday.

+ we had a first birthday for mr charlie! he loved all of his presents, especially
his brand new laser pointer, which makes him run through the house like a lunatic.
he also got a brand new leather collar which he sports every day like a champ.
+ saturday evening i got together with some other lovely local bloggers at
olive garden to chit chat, share our blogs, and of course, eat!
it was so fun to meet local bloggers and make new friends!
be sure to check out their blogs;
+ sunday was, of course, father's day.
it was great to skype with my parents and visit with them on my dad's
special day. i love my dad, he's just the greatest. i get so many qualities
from him that i'm so proud of! for those of you who follow me on insta,
you saw the canvas that i made for him from tay and i's wedding day.
he said he cried when he opened it; mission accomplished.
i am so thankful for the amazing example that he is, and the amazing father that
tay will someday be-i can't wait for that day!!

+ another super exciting news that happened on sunday is that i found out
that my very best friend back home, emily, got ENGAGED!!
i got the phone call during sunday school
(she called me twice--i knew something had to be up!)
i could tell she was completely overwhelmed with happiness, even through the phone!
congratulations emmy & zach!
i can't wait to come out and celebrate your big day with you!
we love you guys so much! 

oh, and happy anniversary to us!
two years!
i'll fill ya in on the anniversary deets later.

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June 14, 2013

done & done

so two big accomplishments happened yesterday:
+ hailee and colton finally tied the knot
+ tay finally upgraded his iphone to a new gs4
i cannot tell you how long he's wanted this phone, so i surprised him
between the luncheon and reception and got him upgraded
(just like beyonce, ha!)

tay and i had such a great time getting to know the two of them over the last few months.
this was such a great experience for us & hope we get more opportunities like this in the future!

congratulations to the happy couple!

their reception was so cute, and it seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves,
minus the huge gusts of wind that came about every two seconds.
they were married in the brigham city temple, had a luncheon at olive garden
where he works, then finished out the evening at a backyard reception served with
different flavored slushy flavors and cheesecake with a million toppings.
here's a personal favorite of mine from the big day;
i'll post more as i get them edited!
i can't wait to see mrs amanda tomorrow evening, along with a few other ladies getting together!
i haven't seen her since before i got married!
(which will be two years next week!)
we had the best times working together at twizl berry in logan!

also, also,
have you gotten your fathers day presents yet?
i haven't yet, for tay's dad...oops.
if you're in a crunch, head over to the crooked nook
for a PDF printable version of this FATHER 8x10 print for just $1! 
if you're interested in other words, or colors, just contact me over messages on etsy
and i'd be happy to adjust it in any way you'd like!
and check out the earrings that will be coming soon to the shop!
any feedback for fabric ideas would be awesome! just leave a comment below!

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June 10, 2013

well guys...

we didn't get the apartment.
we were super bummed.
we are super bummed.
he called me this morning and said he gave it to someone else, but if
things fall through, he would give us a call...

it probably won't fall through because that place is like a dream.

i called my mom after work, frustrated, angry, confused and sad.
sometimes i don't understand the plans the Lord has in store for us,
i know they're for our own good, and that he puts things in our way to protect
us, or provide something better for us, it's just hard to see it when it's not what we want.

she said something to me that brought it all into perspective
(she always knows what to say, even when she's 1600 miles away).
i know we've all heard it, but sometimes it's more apparent when it's actually happening;

the Lord knows what you're going through,
the reason this didn't work out is because he has
something else in store, we just can't see that now.

i know, i know, but why can't He just tell us?
send me an email, shoot us a text, send some snail mail our way!

i think i'm coming to terms with the fact that there's something better out there for us.
(heck, anything is better than the place we live in now! aside from the ward, and the location, that is.
i'm going to be way sad to leave this ward, they're all so wonderful!)
we have found a few places to look at tomorrow still around the sugarhouse area
so we will see what happens!

oh, and also; i can't wait to see if i win the Visa gift card giveaway from six
awesome girls' blogs--crossing my fingers!

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June 9, 2013

up to date

a special thanks for all of you who participated in the crooked nook sale!
you guys are the best!

not much has happened lately, but let me catch you up to speed;

my cousin gets married this week
+ tay and i may have found the cutest new place to live, right across the street
from the capitol building! please keep us in your prayers that we get it!
our current upstairs neighbors are so much to handle we can't stand it anymore
(but that's a different story for a different blog post)
we leave for beyonce/vegas in exactly 18 days
our two year anniversary is in 9 days
charlie's birthday is in 6 days
sent out the last of my big 23 mug order-yippee! (unfortunately 5 cups broke in
the shipping process, but i made a quick recovery-thank goodness!)
we've got about two weeks worth of laundry we need to do...oh the joys of doing
laundry at the in-laws
tay and i went to park city last night with our good friends kristin & nate and
our friend cuando at the park plaza hotel let us watch a movie in their theater room;
it was awesome. we've got some major hookups there.
+ i get to see my family, best friends, and home town in less than 2 months.
man, i've been homesick lately. especially because it's the summer and i've been having that awful
itch to be at the beach everyday. 

we seriously want this place by the capitol.
it's bigger than ours now, it has a ton of closet space and a separate storage room downstairs
the kitchen even has a little door where we can slip our dinner through haha!
i kid you not, it's literally across the street from the capitol.
we can see it from the bedroom!
and as a plus-they accept pets so we wouldn't have to hide charlie anymore (oops)
and with us wanting to have kids in the near future, it's spacious enough for a little one.
the landlord is supposed to call the end of the weekend (today) so i'll keep you updated!

oh ya, and check out my new signature! thanks to mrs rylee blake's tutorial, you can have
a custom signature too! i've been wanting to do this for months and finally did it!

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June 3, 2013

cabin sweet cabin + the crooked nook sale!

this weekend was exactly what tay and i needed.
a getaway with no cell phone service, no people, no tv, no internet.
just us, charlie, and the good ol' mountain fresh air.

tay's grandpa has the cutest cabin up near pine view,
so we took advantage tay having saturday off work and drove up there
late friday evening. after sleeping in and making some delectable cinnamon rolls,
we engaged in a few rounds of chinese checkers (tay is the master at that game, it's crazy!)
but i beat him in (literally) 5 hours of horse shoes saturday afternoon!
i got a ringer--it was pretty epic, considering i'd never really played before!
we explored, went on four wheeler rides, played with charlie, who had a hay day up there!
it was wonderful to reconnect and just be together, uninterrupted.
and the weather was absolutely beautiful!
i am excited to announce that the crooked nook is having a sale!
going on now until friday (june 7th), get two 8x10 full color prints for $15.00 instead of $10 a piece!
just use the coupon code thecrookednooksale to apply the discount!