September 26, 2014


things are really good right now.
the boys are almost 4 months and growing like weeds!
finally getting naps down pat-hallelujah!

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September 4, 2014

baby go-to's

our babes are almost three months, can you believe it?
i can't! august seemed to drag like crazy, it seems like they should be a year old now!
i'm learning so much about them everyday and i am so excited
for everything that's going to come.
i've really been able to hone in to their little personalities the past
few days, since i am going on a "social media fast" for a week.
i can't tell you how refreshing it has been!
i didn't realize how much time i actually spent on there.
and how detrimental it has been to the way i feel about my babes.
i was constantly comparing them to other people's!
it makes me sick after stepping back and realizing that's what i was doing.
my babies are unique, individual, and special in their own way.
no, they don't sleep through the night yet.
they spit up and they cry.
they don't like certain things, and they love others.

for a long time i thought our babes were colic-y, but i think it's just
that i didn't know what they needed!
obviously a lot of that has to do with being a first time mom, but
i'm so glad i turned off the world and have been able to
connect with my boys the past few days-and i still have five more days!
don't get me wrong-i love a good dose of social media-but it can
also be poison for me, everyone's perfect lives always depicted to be spectacular.
it's really unhealthy to be around that all the time.
i think i honestly might take a break from social media for a week once a month!

anyway, enough ranting.
i'm really here to tell you my favorite baby go-to's!
my dear friend rylee asked me a few blog posts ago to do a list, and i finally am done.

1-Fisher-Price Sunnyside Snail Bouncer
this little gem has been a life savor a dozen times since we bought them!
we tried to go the mamaroo route, and our babes just didn't love them.
in fact, they would cry every time i put them in it.
so we decided to sell our fancy shmancy swings and invest in bouncers.
our boys are active kickers, so they love them!
easily the best $30 i've ever spent.
(can be found here, Amazon, or at your local target)

2-Nose Frieda
definitely worth the money.
it's a little pricey, and seems kind of gross to suck your kid's snot straight
from his nose, but it has been a life savor as well around our house.
our boys got a cold a couple of weeks ago-stuffy noses, cough,
cranky, the whole lot.
let's just say we sucked a lot of snot that week...thanks to this little guy.
oh, and don't forget to buy extra filters!
(can be found on Amazon, Target, Buy Buy Baby, or Babies R Us)

3-NUK pacifiers
only max is our pacifier baby, and he sure does love his NUK.
we've always got it strapped to his shirt on a pacifier clip, or attached
to the car seat. not only are they cute, but they don't stick out super far
so he doesn't knock it out with his hands as easily as the hospital ones.
lately he has been finding his hands and loves to suck on those, so the
pacifier is taking a back seat.
gotta love that!

4-White Noise App (Android & iphone)
our babes love white noise.
i think since they were in the NICU for so long, and had constant noise,
they like the constant static noise.
tay and i have old iPhones so we always keep one in our diaper bag,
and one in the nursery to use for our nap time and bed time routine.
works like a charm 99% of the time! 
on top of that-it's free!

5-Lamaze Moose Plush
my brother and his wife gave us this moose, as well as an octopus
when they came out here to utah when the boys were blessed.
seriously, the boys love it.
it has a little rattle on it, so it makes lots of noise, and the bright colors
keep them entertained (at least for like 15 minutes ha!).

6-Swaddle Me
our boys honestly hate being swaddled, but these not only make it
easier, it also makes it a lot harder to break out of
(although they always do).
it definitely helps them sleep better and fall asleep faster
when they're swaddled, and they're light weight so they don't get too hot.

hopefully this list helps someone out there! i'm sure there are a ton
more things i could add, but i would say these are my tops.

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