February 8, 2014

hello, there

hello, friends!

for those of you who follow me on instagram/facebook, you saw
my big gender announcement the other day!
we are having boys!
(cross stitch credit goes to jessica from weaving thread on etsy! isn't it fabulous?!)
since we found out, we have done quite a bit of shopping.
i swear, everything is so much cuter when it's baby size!
we have our big check up in a couple of weeks to make sure they have all their
fingers and toes, winkies and nose, so we'll know 100% that they're little gents.

still haven't felt any movement yet-but i want to so badly!
with twins, you don't feel them as soon as with a singleton.

sleeping has honestly been a nightmare (no, i'm not going to sugarcoat it).
my hips hurt on one side, so i'll switch to the other, and same thing.
it makes for really long nights and very early mornings.
any of you mommies have a solution?
i read that stretching helps, a pillow between your knees (which i've tried),
and yoga (which i was doing, but haven't been very consistent with).

nausea has gone way down, knock on wood.
still have to stuff my face like a pig to prevent it, but at least i know
what triggers it, aside from yucky smells.

not sure what to do about our nursery yet.
an amazing lady from tay's work offered us her crib, we are going to
get it tomorrow from her house.
it's dark wood, which is just what we wanted!
and how can you pass up a free crib, right?
i think we'll put the little munchkins together for the first six months
while we are still living in our little place and then hopefully
we'll be in a two bedroom and we can get them each into their own.
(although that means twice the bedding..yuck)

speaking of twice the _______.
working on that, ha.
we have decided to boycott the typical "dress your twins alike" crap
and just get them matching things in different colors, if we can find them.
if not, they won't be dressed alike, which i'm okay with.
they are two human beings, after all.
but you can't really get out of needing two car seats,
two swings, double stroller
(we got the city select baby jogger-best stroller ever!),
double the diapers; it was all pretty overwhelming, until i actively started looking for things
 let me tell you expecting/soon to be expecting mommies-ksl is a godsend.
i've already found a mamaroo, one of my car seats, a boppy and working
on possibly getting a glider from there.
all for super cheap and in ridiculously great condition.

as far as names go, here are our favorites;
oliver (this one is for sure)
(this is tay's pick..not sure about it-pronounced "you-wen")

thanks for staying this far for my babbling haha this info i guess is mostly
used as a documentation for me, but i'm glad you stayed!

getting more and more excited to meet these beans.
hard to believe i'm practically half way there!

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