August 16, 2014

two months, two boys

babies are complex little people.
our boys have gone through hell and back with their poor little tummies.
they have had some major issues with what i thought was acid reflux.
i'm pretty sure it's not.
they were hopped up on so much medicine that they didn't know which way was up-
and neither did i!
so i decided to take the issue into my own hands (screw the doc), and start clean.
my milk already dried up, so we were strictly on a preemie formula.
we took them off that, and switched to a spit up kind.
at the time, we were still taking medicine 20 minutes before they ate
(which, by the way, is a nightmare. screaming babies waiting to eat
for 20 minutes is no fun for anyone, especially when you have two, as you can imagine).

after switching to the spit up formula, it seemed to help a little bit.
along with the acid reflux meds, they were also taking tylenol because they
had just gotten their two month shots.
so between the new formula, the medicine, the tylenol,
iron supplement drops and apple juice to help with
constipation, it was a lot for their tiny little bodies to handle!
they would cry the whole time they ate, and after.
i felt horrible!

so i wiped the slate clean.
i transitioned into a sensitive formula, stopped giving them all the extra crap
(except apple juice-kindof a necessity)
and voila! they've been doing better ever since!
super gassy, but so much better!

i can't believe my little babes are two months old! they're actually starting
to feel like real babies, instead of little fragile dolls.
i'm late on my two month update, but eh-what can ya do?
#lifewithtwins, right?

 -smiles all the time! especially when he eats-he's a big time flirt.
 -definitely knows who his mommy and daddy are-makes eye contact
-loves car rides and to hear himself talk & scream,
feeling daddy's beard on his face and head, sleeping on his tummy,
being outside and going on walks.
-hates being swaddled, pacifiers, tummy time (when he's awake),
-holds his head up really well
-fits into newborn & 0-3 month size clothes
-9 lbs 5 oz at last appointment
-loves, loves, loves snuggles, eating, his new bouncer, his pacifier
-hates messy diapers, tummy time (when he's awake, also),
getting his clothes changed
-boycotts naps
-smiles, coos
-has the longest eyelashes and is really filling out
-think he's going to be a red head
-fits into newborn & 0-3 month size clothes
-8 lbs 13 oz at last appointment
a dear friend asked me to put a list together of items that i love-
"mommy necessities" as of sorts-i'm getting a list together
and will do that on my next post!
love my sweet boys-and it's true, things are getting a little easier!
maybe because i've had so much family help in town the last week and a half,
but either way, i'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

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August 4, 2014

two months; almost

my good friend madi came over this weekend and took some amazing
photos for us-she is phenomenal! 
there are so many more where these came from, these are just a few of my favorites.
i'm learning so much every single day about these two boys.
they are growing and developing so much-and almost two months old.
i love my little family!
having kids really does turn your whole world upside down.
we are responsible for these little boys for the rest of our lives.
we will teach them, love them, support them and help them.
sometimes it seems incredibly daunting, other times it seems like an amazing task.
i'm so grateful for the love i have for these boys, and how much it grows every day.
i feel like i'm finally understanding this motherhood thing, even though
i have a long way to go!

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