July 6, 2013


happy late fourth of july!
i hope everyone had a lovely day off!

tay and i spent the day going fishing in the uintas with his family!
it was fun, and so nice to get away without cell phone service, computers or tv
just the beautiful fresh air and sights of the wilderness.
i caught one fish, tay caught 4 and his dad caught 6!
while we were there, my legs and face saw a little too much sun...
needless to say, aloe has been my best friend for a few days now.

tay and i were so tired and in pain from the day's adventures,
that we didn't end up going to fireworks.
we went to the ones at the country club in bountiful the day before,
and we could see the ones from sugarhouse park from our house,
so i didn't feel too unpatriotic
i'm so grateful for this amazing country and the freedoms we all enjoy here!

oh, and can i say i am loving these storms?!

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