July 26, 2014

week seven

hopefully i get more than a half hour to finish this post before
the boys wake up, but i'm hoping to give a little update!
the boys will be seven weeks tomorrow-can you believe it?
almost two months!
it has honestly been a whirlwind.
i barely find time to eat, let alone shower, go to the bathroom,
do the dishes or pick up the house when i'm here alone with them.
i've been so lucky to have help almost every day from family
or friends-thank heavens.
i don't know what i would do without them!
nobody understands how much work twins are unless you've done it.
it's literally crazy.

since my last post, i've just been taking things day by day.
thanks so much for all the love and comments!
i have really good days that almost always outweigh the bad days.
it's still insane and busy, especially when they're both crying
and you can only hold one at a time...unless you're my mother in law
who is a houdini of sorts and can hold both at the same time.
she's a gem, that lady.

they are both growing so much!
at our last weigh in, oliver was 7 lbs 13 oz
and max was 7 lbs 6 oz.
i'm hoping it's getting close to them sleeping longer during the night,
heaven knows we could use the rest.
we alternate feedings at night, so we can at least
get a few hours of consistent sleep and it has seemed to work well.
oliver loves to nap on his tummy (supervised, of course),
he's getting the biggest double chin and no neck, it's pretty funny.
he grunts like a pig all the time, sometimes he throws in a horse
or a goat-it's like we have our own zoo!
he's started tracking items with his eyes really well and can hold his head up great,
considering how old he is (probably because he has no neck ha!).
his eyes are starting to change colors, they're going more blue.
he loves nakey diaper time, bathtub time, snuggling out on
our balcony and going on walks in his tummy carrier!
he has a scream that could break glass when he's angry.
max is my tall and skinny boy. not much chub on him!
he's growing out of all his newborn clothes because he's so tall,
but can't fill out the next size up because he's too skinny!
he's a bit of a spit upper and very particular about his eating regimen.
he has to stay sitting up for at least 15 minutes after eating 
(which often proves difficult since he loves to poop while he eats).
as long as we stick to the protocol, he's usually a happy boy.
both have to be burped pretty frequently during feedings, or else they get fussy.
he loves to snuggle on my shoulder after he eats and often falls asleep.
those cuddles are the best-they make everything worth it!
he also loves going on walks in the tummy carrier.
loves to wake up from naps right as i close my eyes.
i've recently tried breastfeeding them again (recently as in yesterday!)
and it's gone well so far, knock on wood.
i'm only doing them one at a time, i'm not sure about tandem!
i can already feel that connection more with them though, it's amazing!
i think i was so hesitant to nurse because it was so frustrating at the NICU
with them not catching on because they were so young but now
that they're older, they seem to be pretty good at it!

they just keep getting cuter every day, and already have their own personalities!
i can't wait until they start noticing us, and each other more.
i love the days that tay is home all day and we can just be a little family!
everyone says it keeps getting better, and i can't wait.

(ps they gave me almost 45 minutes of straight me time! and still asleep!
it's a miracle-i need to blog more!)

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July 7, 2014

the twins

i have started and stopped this post probably about four times since
the twins were born, wanting to document their birth story but right now
i just need to get a few things off my mind.

the twins will be one month tomorrow, and holy smokes, has it been a whirlwind.
nobody can prepare for a baby, let alone twins.
the amount of diapers you change, spit up you wipe, pee you dodge,
and outfits you change is endless.
not to mention the amount of pumping...

nobody tells you exactly how little sleep you will get.
but somehow you manage to get up and monotonously go through the motions
of changing diapers, getting bottles, propping on pillow, feed, burp, rock and
ever-so-quietly put them back in the crib, praying they don't wake up.

nobody tells you how much you will cry in one day, most of the time for no reason
at all other than the fact that you're exhausted, and have a crazy amount of hormones
surfing through your body.

taylor describes the last month perfectly-when you have a baby,
you expect to have a two year old that wants to be played with.
not a little alien who needs to be burped every ten minutes
and cries for what seems like no reason.

i feel like the newborn stage is completely looked over.
which it shouldn't be, because it's pretty damn hard,
someone out there knows the secrets and should really let me in on the goods.
thank the heavens they at least are on somewhat of a schedule.

i think one of the hardest things for me since the babies have been home
has been how little of a connection i feel with them.
in the world of blogging, it's probably a bad thing to admit since your life
has to always seem perfect, but growing up
you think you'll have a baby and instantly connect with them.
i'm not saying i don't love them, because i do!
i would do anything for my little dudes.
but what i mean is, because there are two, i am finding it hard to have
individual time with each one to find that connection.
plus they aren't really at the stage where they connect in their minds
that you're their mother.
you're just their chef, maid and babysitter.
i know as they get older, the relationship will come,
and i can't wait for that!
for now, i'm content being their chef.

i hope those of you with kids can somewhat relate to what i'm going through
and i'm not just some crazy new mom with twins who is...crazy.
i love my babes so much, i want you all to know that.
it's just been a crazy adjustment!

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