June 10, 2013

well guys...

we didn't get the apartment.
we were super bummed.
we are super bummed.
he called me this morning and said he gave it to someone else, but if
things fall through, he would give us a call...

it probably won't fall through because that place is like a dream.

i called my mom after work, frustrated, angry, confused and sad.
sometimes i don't understand the plans the Lord has in store for us,
i know they're for our own good, and that he puts things in our way to protect
us, or provide something better for us, it's just hard to see it when it's not what we want.

she said something to me that brought it all into perspective
(she always knows what to say, even when she's 1600 miles away).
i know we've all heard it, but sometimes it's more apparent when it's actually happening;

the Lord knows what you're going through,
the reason this didn't work out is because he has
something else in store, we just can't see that now.

i know, i know, but why can't He just tell us?
send me an email, shoot us a text, send some snail mail our way!

i think i'm coming to terms with the fact that there's something better out there for us.
(heck, anything is better than the place we live in now! aside from the ward, and the location, that is.
i'm going to be way sad to leave this ward, they're all so wonderful!)
we have found a few places to look at tomorrow still around the sugarhouse area
so we will see what happens!

oh, and also; i can't wait to see if i win the Visa gift card giveaway from six
awesome girls' blogs--crossing my fingers!

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  1. That's definitely super frustrating & not fun to deal with. But your mom is completely right. I remember wondering why in the world the Lord sent us to Alpine, Utah. Way in the heck out there and a commute to work & school. But now it all makes sense. And I wouldn't have had it any other way.

    1. ya, not fun, but you're right, the Lord has something in store for us!

  2. Bummer!!!! But your mom is so right! I'm glad that I got to meet you this weekend and that I'm now following your blog!


    1. something else is out there for us, right? it was so great to meet you, too! thanks for following along-i'm following you too!