June 20, 2013


hey peeps.

so i told you i'd tell you about our anniversary;

monday night we exchanged gifts
(nothing huge, since we are going to vegas next weekend)
and he got me this beauty, along with a few other accessories;

then tuesday morning, tay left early for class and i went to work.
during work he texted me and said he couldn't go to lunch because
he had a paper he forgot about to do.
i have to admit, i was pretty sad.
not only did we have to wait a week to actually celebrate,
but now no lunch date, and tay had to work that night until 9.
at this point, i knew i was just feeling sorry for myself but how could i not?
i had been waiting for this day for like a week!

later, tay texted to meet him downtown after he got off work
and i could choose where we went to dinner.
i left work a little early to get some orders to the post office on time
and as i came down our street and pulled into our driveway,
there was his car!

he surprised me with flowers, a clean house,
dinner (a swedish special he used to make on his mission) and a switched day of work!
i couldn't have been happier!!
after a delicious dinner, we went and got maggie moos ice cream
and walked around the little sugarhouse shops.

he's just the cutest.
i'm so grateful for the person that taylor is, and the person he brings out in me.
he is the most caring, loving, silly, confident, spiritual, personable, genuine,
sweet, amazing man in the world and i'm so so happy to be his wife.

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  1. This is the cutest! Love that necklace!! Happy anniversary. New follower hope you come back and follow me back!


  2. Ah, how sweet of him to surprise you!!!