June 9, 2013

up to date

a special thanks for all of you who participated in the crooked nook sale!
you guys are the best!

not much has happened lately, but let me catch you up to speed;

my cousin gets married this week
+ tay and i may have found the cutest new place to live, right across the street
from the capitol building! please keep us in your prayers that we get it!
our current upstairs neighbors are so much to handle we can't stand it anymore
(but that's a different story for a different blog post)
we leave for beyonce/vegas in exactly 18 days
our two year anniversary is in 9 days
charlie's birthday is in 6 days
sent out the last of my big 23 mug order-yippee! (unfortunately 5 cups broke in
the shipping process, but i made a quick recovery-thank goodness!)
we've got about two weeks worth of laundry we need to do...oh the joys of doing
laundry at the in-laws
tay and i went to park city last night with our good friends kristin & nate and
our friend cuando at the park plaza hotel let us watch a movie in their theater room;
it was awesome. we've got some major hookups there.
+ i get to see my family, best friends, and home town in less than 2 months.
man, i've been homesick lately. especially because it's the summer and i've been having that awful
itch to be at the beach everyday. 

we seriously want this place by the capitol.
it's bigger than ours now, it has a ton of closet space and a separate storage room downstairs
the kitchen even has a little door where we can slip our dinner through haha!
i kid you not, it's literally across the street from the capitol.
we can see it from the bedroom!
and as a plus-they accept pets so we wouldn't have to hide charlie anymore (oops)
and with us wanting to have kids in the near future, it's spacious enough for a little one.
the landlord is supposed to call the end of the weekend (today) so i'll keep you updated!

oh ya, and check out my new signature! thanks to mrs rylee blake's tutorial, you can have
a custom signature too! i've been wanting to do this for months and finally did it!

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  1. Good to hear. I will definately pray you can get into that new place. Across from the capital in which direction? In the Avenues? Keep me posted, please. I am so looking forward to your coming home! Love you both!