June 3, 2013

cabin sweet cabin + the crooked nook sale!

this weekend was exactly what tay and i needed.
a getaway with no cell phone service, no people, no tv, no internet.
just us, charlie, and the good ol' mountain fresh air.

tay's grandpa has the cutest cabin up near pine view,
so we took advantage tay having saturday off work and drove up there
late friday evening. after sleeping in and making some delectable cinnamon rolls,
we engaged in a few rounds of chinese checkers (tay is the master at that game, it's crazy!)
but i beat him in (literally) 5 hours of horse shoes saturday afternoon!
i got a ringer--it was pretty epic, considering i'd never really played before!
we explored, went on four wheeler rides, played with charlie, who had a hay day up there!
it was wonderful to reconnect and just be together, uninterrupted.
and the weather was absolutely beautiful!
i am excited to announce that the crooked nook is having a sale!
going on now until friday (june 7th), get two 8x10 full color prints for $15.00 instead of $10 a piece!
just use the coupon code thecrookednooksale to apply the discount!


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