June 17, 2013

weekend update

what an absolutely lovely weekend!

+ saturday: ran errands like a crazy person for my crooked nook orders
as well as charlie's birthday, fathers day, and grocery shopping while tay
took care of some homework he had been neglecting all week because of the
wedding on thursday.

+ we had a first birthday for mr charlie! he loved all of his presents, especially
his brand new laser pointer, which makes him run through the house like a lunatic.
he also got a brand new leather collar which he sports every day like a champ.
+ saturday evening i got together with some other lovely local bloggers at
olive garden to chit chat, share our blogs, and of course, eat!
it was so fun to meet local bloggers and make new friends!
be sure to check out their blogs;
+ sunday was, of course, father's day.
it was great to skype with my parents and visit with them on my dad's
special day. i love my dad, he's just the greatest. i get so many qualities
from him that i'm so proud of! for those of you who follow me on insta,
you saw the canvas that i made for him from tay and i's wedding day.
he said he cried when he opened it; mission accomplished.
i am so thankful for the amazing example that he is, and the amazing father that
tay will someday be-i can't wait for that day!!

+ another super exciting news that happened on sunday is that i found out
that my very best friend back home, emily, got ENGAGED!!
i got the phone call during sunday school
(she called me twice--i knew something had to be up!)
i could tell she was completely overwhelmed with happiness, even through the phone!
congratulations emmy & zach!
i can't wait to come out and celebrate your big day with you!
we love you guys so much! 

oh, and happy anniversary to us!
two years!
i'll fill ya in on the anniversary deets later.

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  1. Hooray! I'm glad we got to meet!!! and happy two years!!! :)

  2. ahh a blogger get together!! girlfriend, we gotta make something like that happen for US! you're like one on my bff's via blogging and i think it's totally time that we have lunch or something. oh and happy two years for you and tay!

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    2. Lets do it! I love that! I feel the same! It's time we finally meet up! And thank you! I just messaged you on FB with my numba :) love ya girl!