June 14, 2013

done & done

so two big accomplishments happened yesterday:
+ hailee and colton finally tied the knot
+ tay finally upgraded his iphone to a new gs4
i cannot tell you how long he's wanted this phone, so i surprised him
between the luncheon and reception and got him upgraded
(just like beyonce, ha!)

tay and i had such a great time getting to know the two of them over the last few months.
this was such a great experience for us & hope we get more opportunities like this in the future!

congratulations to the happy couple!

their reception was so cute, and it seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves,
minus the huge gusts of wind that came about every two seconds.
they were married in the brigham city temple, had a luncheon at olive garden
where he works, then finished out the evening at a backyard reception served with
different flavored slushy flavors and cheesecake with a million toppings.
here's a personal favorite of mine from the big day;
i'll post more as i get them edited!
i can't wait to see mrs amanda tomorrow evening, along with a few other ladies getting together!
i haven't seen her since before i got married!
(which will be two years next week!)
we had the best times working together at twizl berry in logan!

also, also,
have you gotten your fathers day presents yet?
i haven't yet, for tay's dad...oops.
if you're in a crunch, head over to the crooked nook
for a PDF printable version of this FATHER 8x10 print for just $1! 
if you're interested in other words, or colors, just contact me over messages on etsy
and i'd be happy to adjust it in any way you'd like!
and check out the earrings that will be coming soon to the shop!
any feedback for fabric ideas would be awesome! just leave a comment below!

 photo cursivesigsmall_zps1d5fedfe.jpg


  1. I'm loving the earrings! The bottom right is my personal fav!

    1. thank you!! they'll be up soon, i hope you'll check them out!

  2. I wish I would have viewed this on time. Coulda got my dad a lil' printable! IT WAS SO GOOD to see you! I want to hang out like WEEKLY. Love you long time!!

    1. haha you're the cutest!! it was SO SO good to see you!! let's play VERY soon! love you!

  3. Such cute earrings!! Loving it! Darling printable also! I am a new follower of your darling blog! Such cute content! So excited to follow along!
    Love Me, Dani Marie