April 5, 2013

weekly update

i wish i had something monumental to post about
but honestly this has been the most boring week of my whole life.
besides the fact that i left work early on wednesday to enjoy the beautiful
weather we had and my lovely coworker got married today-congrats mattie and carston! but seriously, that was about the extent of it.
i didn't even do anything crazy the day i got off-i went home and sewed.
how lame am i?

you know how in life, when things start to slow down, and you begin
to wonder what sort of monumental, crazy, unsuspecting surprise or disaster is headed your way?
that's how i'm feeling now. and hopefully it's a surprise, and not a disaster.

and hopefully the surprise has something to do with that fact
that i'll be married two years to this hunk pretty soon.
and by pretty soon i mean like two months!
man, time flies.

i'm so excited for general conference this weekend!
i finally got tickets to go to a session!
i've been living in utah for almost five years now and still have never been
but i landed a pair for the saturday afternoon session and couldn't be more pleased!
to be in the same room as the prophet--i can't wait!
oh, and on top of all the awesomeness about hearing talks, i also
get to pig out on mama hawkins' amazing cinnamon pull aparts.
guys, they are to die for.
i'll try to snag the recipe and post it.



  1. um i love that picture. you guys are so cute i can barely stand it.