April 11, 2013

wedding season.

the past few days i have been going wedding crazy at work.
and can i just tell you i'm loving it?
my boss and i have come up with so many fun ideas for
the up and coming wedding season!
it makes me wish i could do my wedding over again-
those who had/have pinterest for their wedding are unbelievably lucky.
i got married right before pinterest even existed.
don't get me wrong-i absolutely loved my wedding
but there are so many details i felt like i left untouched, you know?
well, maybe you don't, but just agree with me, ya?
on the plus side i might be busting out my wedding dress for a
vinyl lettering wedding photo shoot to display all of our new stuff!!
freaking stoked, guys. stoked.
here's a teeny sneak peak--cupcake toppers!

on a side note having to do with weddings,
i recently found out that my weddings pictures
which i thought were completely lost
showed up last week, and after almost two years of
not having pictures of our special day, i will finally be getting
a cd full of wedded bliss
which i will most likely post on here for you all to see, so be prepared
also, a word to the wise; even if you're getting pictures done
by someone in the family, write up a contract.
i'm not kidding.
do it.
you won't regret it, like i did.
then you won't have to wait two years to finally get a cd full of all your pictures.

also this;
tay is taking summer school and will finally be done this time next year!
i can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it looks like it's coming from cancun...

then we can finally start having little ones!



  1. 1. that's lame you're getting your pics finally!
    2. I feel you on the wedding thing. It's been almost 6 years since my wedding and oh how my tastes have changed.
    3. And don't get me started on pinterest, I started pinning in feb of 2011 and my life hasn't been the same since. ;) Ha!
    4. yay babies!

    1. Haha!! Amen to all the above! Wish you lived here Heather!