April 14, 2013

girlz weekend + broken collarbone

what a weekend this has been!
friday night i stayed over night at the little america hotel with some girl friends from utah state
this is probably the last time we will all be together for a long time,
since a few of them are moving away, which makes me way sad!
i am so so thankful for wonderful friends, love them!
the night was so much fun! thanks to mrs tessa brown for initiating it all!

after we parted ways on saturday, i stopped by target to return a swimsuit
and of course, ended up leaving with more than i came in with
(isn't that how it always goes?)
i am in love with this pillow!

later saturday afternoon, i got a text from tay, who had been skiing
with his little brother + a couple of friends,
that his little brother mitch had broken his collarbone.
when tay was 17, he also broke his collarbone skiing--see the scar?
it's on the right side. it's way more gnarly (and sexy) than it looks!
stole this picture from tay>>
poor guy! he was doing a 360 on their last run and his ski caught on the
end of a jump and he went down right on his elbow!
i guess it's the hawkins trade mark-matching collarbone scars--i hope it's not me next!


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