April 19, 2013

about me + giveaway

i know that when i read other people's blogs, i love getting to know about them,
it makes their blog so much more personable.
so i've created a list of me's so you all know me better and we can become friends;

the basics
+ i am originally from a small(ish) town called grand haven, michigan
+ my birthday is july 18
+ i am 22 years old
+ taylor and i have been married for (exactly) 1 year, 10 months and 1 day
+ i received my associates degree from utah state university
+ i hope to go back to school after tay is done for graphic design
i adore
+ designing on the computer
i am currently working on an etsy shop to sell 8x10 prints & invites
+ when a song comes on that fits your mood exactly
+ when my hair is played with, brushed, twirled, or pretty much touched by another person
+ laughing until your stomach hurts
+ kitty kisses
+ freshly painted nails
+ the feeling of cold grass on my bare feet
+ reality shows
 (i know what you're thinking, but somebody's gotta keep them on tv right?)
+ warm covers & cold pillows
+ an empty sink without dishes in it
+ good hair days
+ building forts and sleeping in them
+ forehead kisses
+ the sound of lawn mowers in the morning
+ when you know all the words to a song
+ baking
+ teacups-i collect them
+ mcdonalds fries & sundae
+ anything vintage or unique
+ a long chat with an old friend
+ home decor / ikea shopping
+ bubble baths
+ babies
not a fan of
+ public speaking
+ heights
+ confronting people
+ spiders
+ competing with others
+ cold fingers / toes
+ sweating 
(i know...it's hard to find my happy medium)

and there you have it! a little insight to lil' ol' me.

you're probably wondering why my title says giveaway--
here's why:
i'm giving away 1 style of 100 customized address labels to two lucky winners!
i mentioned a while ago if you guys would like it as a giveaway
and i had quite a lot of positive feedback!
so here's how to enter:
+ be a follower of this blog
+ follow me on instagram or twitter
+ follow vinyl lettering store on instagram
+ visit vinyl lettering on etsy and let me know one of your favorite items there
+ leave a comment below telling me the steps you did

good luck friends!
giveaway will end next friday, april 26, at midnight


  1. hahahahaha. I love your statement "mcdonalds fries and sundae." I die. I almost have to make chris stop every time we pass a McDonalds..
    And I love these address labels!! Pick me!!
    I completed all the steps :)
    P.s. I loved getting to know you a little better ;) isn't the blogging world just the greatest!?

    1. it seriously is the best! sometimes tay and i stay up until midnight on sunday just to go get some lol and yay i'm glad you enjoyed my little shpeal haha

  2. Ashley, I feel like we need to be friends. I felt like I was reading about myself! (Except public speaking. I love public speaking.) You're adorable!

    Also I had already done all these things before I read this! One of my favorite things on the Etsy shop is the wrap around the iPhone charger. I've been wanting to get it for a while now!

    Loved getting to know you better! If you're ever in Logan, we should do lunch! :)

    1. kaylie. i definitely think we need to be friends! thank you, you're the sweetest!
      i'm so glad you like the iphone wrap-i did a giveaway of those a while ago on my friend rylee's blog but maybe i'll do a giveaway again on mine!
      yes, if i go up to logan and have time i'd love to grab lunch!

  3. Done everything! Plus, I love that I can send them anything and you can recreate it for me. :) Oh, and basically I just love all things vinyl. So I'll probably be ordering some more stuff. Haha.

  4. I love reading about others, too! Including YOU. Because I miss you oh so much! These custom address labels are SO CUTE. I love them! You are so talented, Ash. Anyways...I'm following your Blog. And your instagram. And your twitter. And the second I get my phone back, you better believe I'll be following your cute lil' company's insta. "Cherish the little things." That's my FAVORITE!

  5. hey ash pick me! i want/love the mint arrow address labels!

  6. Oh hey friend, I already follow you on all those fronts! I win! Haha, just kidding. I love the world map by the way. You are SO talented as a graphic designer. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  7. soooo... I keep checking back to see who the winners are?!?!?

    1. Haha! I know-I'm awful! Ill post the winners up tonight! :) sorry for the delay everyone-busy busy weekend!