April 17, 2013

DIY Instagram Magnets

happy hump day everyone!

i don't know about you guys, but i will probably cry if instagram ever goes away.
so many pictures! some i don't even have on my phone anymore!
in case that does happen..here's a fool-proof way to remember the memories!

so i'm sure some of you may know about a little company called origrami
that creates magnets from your instagram pictures, right?
well, i took the initiative to create my own instagram pictures,
and i'm here to tell you how for around $12!
here's what you'll need;
>> sheets of magnet, you can find this at any michaels, hobby lobby or any craft store
(preferably thin, that you can put on the entire back of the picture)
>> pictures you want to make magnets out of sized to your preference.
(you can have them printed at walmart or walgreens)
the pictures i created at work, which are printed on vinyl so it's sticky one side,
i measured to be 4x4, but you can do any size you'd like!
(if you are interested in doing your own pictures on vinyl, feel free to contact me here)
>> scissors
>> modge podge or rubber cement

if you do get printed pictures with adhesive on the back,
all you need to do is line up the magnet so that it covers the whole back of the picture.
If you are gluing your pictures to the magnet sheets, just glue the back of the pictures
and be sure there is magnet along the entire back of the picture,
then apply to the magnet, rub and allow to dry.
after that, all you need to do is take your scissors and trim the excess magnet off and
ba-da-bing ba-da-boom!
this literally took me like an hour to do (and i had about 30 pictures), it's so quick & easy!



  1. Ashley these are amazing, bahh i might need to snatch this idea!!


    1. thanks kristin! please do! that's what it's here for!