May 13, 2013

week/weekend update

i'm glad this last week is finally over-what a crazy one!
between taking engagement pictures, getting ready to move locations for work,
getting orders from the crooked nook ready to go, and going to the doc on Friday,
this week has been more than crazy!

saturday tay and i hit up city creek and i got a few new pairs
of shoes--my favorite ones i got were my lace oxfords from h&m.
they are so cute and perfect for summer!

afterwards, i went to my future cousin's bridal shower, then saturday evening
tay's brother skyped us from the philippines!
it was so great to see & talk with him! he seems so happy!
he will be home in just under three months--and ladies, he's single!
also--click here to hear him speak in tagolag-so cool!!

also-shout out to my beautiful mother & mother in law,
thank you so much for everything you do for tay and i.
especially the love, support, encouragement, laughter, advice,
help and spiritual guidance you both give to me.
i'm so grateful for a mother i can go to if i need anything, and that you're just a phone call away.
i can't wait to be a mother someday (hopefully soon!) and become the best friend
to them that my mom is to me.
i love you both so much!!


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  1. Aw, thank you for the sweet post about me - your blessed Mom! I am very proud and happy that you are my sweet daughter. I love you too. So glad you picked Tay and he picked you! Love you both. Looking forward to seeing you soon.