May 8, 2013


hey peeps
i've been pretty much running around like a chicken with its head cut off
these past few days...i've been so busy, which is a change for me!
with my shop opening up, having the opportunity to take my cousin's engagement
pictures, and of course work, my life has been pretty hectic!

a shout out to those who have not only checked out our store, but who have purchased!
i had my first sale the day after it opened!! woo woo! thank you!
when i attended grand valley state university (a university i commuted
to right after high school, before i moved to utah) i was actually a photography major!
it never really went anywhere, because i moved
on to journalism, then on to (now) graphic design, but photography
has always been a passion of mine (just look at my instagram...over 400 pictures!)
so when my cousin called and asked me to take his engagement, bridal, and wedding day
photos, i was completely honored, and so nervous i could crap my pants.

wedding day pictures? engagements?
they hadn't ever even seen any of my work, which was mostly of
plants, doors, and other...not alive objects.
i wasn't into shooting people.

however, i accepted the offer, and told them if they didn't like
what i did with the engagements, they could back out, no hard feelings.
so yesterday i put on my big girl panties, said a silent prayer,
took my lovely husband's advice and acted like i knew exactly what i was doing.
after a while, i even started to believe it myself.
what a great application to everyday life, too!
i don't want to put too many up, since i haven't given hailee the cd yet.
but they are seriously the cutest!
and it was so nice to get to know my cousin better!
i'm so excited to have Hailee as a member of our family, and know the two of them
will be absolutely perfect together!

i'm so glad tay was able to help me, too! we made a pretty awesome team, 
it was a really great day!



  1. Those are so cute! Way to go!

    1. thank you! :) can't wait for gatsby tomorroooowww!!

  2. These look great! What camera do you use?

  3. We are so much alike! I majored in journalism and now I'm starting my own photography / graphic design company. You would be great at any of them!

    PS! If you use a "D" Nikon, you should get the 35m 1.8 lens. It's one of the BEST lenses for (relatively) cheap!

    1. I love it, that's so nice, thanks! :)
      and that's good to know, thank you!

  4. Well, when your head is back on, we need to do something :)

    Aanyways, I didn't know you take pictures! They look great! Miss your face.

    1. yes please! Seriously though. Let me know when you're free, after this week things should slow down :)