May 28, 2013

not gonna lie..

this was probably the most uneventful weekend ever.
but honestly, i was okay with it!
i've been so busy lately that it was nice to just veg out and catch up on my shows!
ah-hem; new girl. i've missed the last 4 episodes! ah!

saturday tay had to work at four, so we bummed around for a while, sent out
the crooked nook orders, then went and got snow cones at jolley's in SLC--sooo good!
it was the second day they had been open for the summer so it was kindof a big deal.
if you go there, mix peach & mango--it is the best thing your tongue will ever taste!

sunday we went to church, and then met up with ms hailee to give her
her bridals pictures (here are a few-i can't believe i didn't show them!)
she's such a beautiful bride! only two and a half weeks until the big day!

anywho, after we dropped off the cd of pictures, we headed over to grandma hawkins'
for a family party full of chit chat, hot dogs, amazing corn on the cob,
hamburgers and peanut butter bars--the best!
after dinner, we headed home and set up our two man tent and had a nice little backyard
campout! we watched (half of) warm bodies (it was kindof we turned it off).
monday tay had to work at noon, and i had the day off, so i designed and relaxed until he
got off work, then we went to Hires Big H for burgers (sooooo good!) and watched
the season premiere of  the bachelorette --woo! honestly i was sorely disappointed
with this season's crop of men..i mean there was some serious barrel scraping with this group.
any favorites so far from those bachelorette fans out there?
i'm excited to see how this season plays out...looks dramatic (which is nothing haha)

also: congrats to the winners from rylee's giveaway for the crooked nook!
check out her blog to see who won and contact me at the link she has to get your prints!

check out our new items--a few new prints and our chalkboard mug!
the link is on the right of this page, or you can click here!


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