May 19, 2013

summer '13

happy sunday friends!
today tay and i made our summer bucket list, or at least a rough draft:
have you guys made one yet?
i wanna hear more ideas, so please share!

things at the crooked nook are going very well lately!
i had four sales this week!
i have even had a few ladies at church ask about customs!
i'm so so so excited everything is picking up!
(not that four sales is picking up, but i've had six total and four of them were this week! it's a start!)
i have two lovely ladies featuring my store/doing a giveaway soon
of some items from my store! as soon as the giveaways are up and running, i'll
post the link to their blogs on here-i'd love for you all to enter!

here are a few things from my store that i am loving--i hope you do too!
people have been eating this one up (see what i did there? ha!) and it's definitely
one of my personal favorites!
have you guys noticed deer are "the animal" now?
move aside owls, the deer are moving in! personally, i'm loving them!
one of my newest additions to the shop is this awesome chalkboard mug!
the chalkboard paint is heavy duty (not the stuff you find at hobby lobby or michael's, i mean heavy 
duty), and can be written on with a chalk pen or regular chalk!
check the rest of my shop out here

last night we went to a fireside about marriage together which was really awesome!
afterwards we went to the red butte cafe--oh. my. heck.
if you are in the sugarhouse area and looking for a bite to eat, go there!
they have a wide variety and their prices aren't bad either.
tay and i both ordered off the mexican portion of the menu and they were both amazing!
what a hunk!
i can't believe next month we will be married for two years!
what an unbelievable two years it's been!



  1. That purple deer is divine! And I like how you changed the chest area too. Looks great!

    1. Thank you! You can personalize the color, too!