March 9, 2013


to all of my new lovely followers!
i can't wait to see who wins rylee's giveaway--
thank you for all your positive feedback on them!
so glad you're here!

so this morning, taylor went pheasant hunting with his brothers and dad
(yeah, my husband's pretty manly)
so mama hawkins and i had the whole day to ourselves!
we decided to go on a nice long walk (yay for blue skies!),
then made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
(i'll put the recipe up on my next post after california-it's so easy you will pee your pants!)
for our drive down to california, then went to get our oil changed.
while we were waiting for them to finish (it took two hours...long story-i won't get into it now)
mama hawkins and i went over to savers which was nearby
and right when you walk in there is a giant shelf of books! kids books, parenting books,
biographies, mysteries, teen, westerns...literally every genre you could think of.

jody, being the wonderful grandma she is, she instantly went over to look for some
childrens books for little lukey (and of course our future little munchkins)
& as we were browsing we realized the books are in
awesome condition considering they were all used!
the more we dug, the more gems we found!
look at this guys--so many classics!
and i only paid $4.42 for all six + one i got for mariah/luke when we see them!
i found (in case you can't see all the titles)

//a giant lift-the-flap book of winnie the pooh//
(taylor showed me this when we went to gardner village
last weekend and we almost bought it-so glad we didn't!)
//the kissing hand//
//lilly's purple plastic purse//
//love you forever--classic!//
//&barnyard dance//

 i couldn't believe how many i found that i read when i was little!
i can't wait to read all these to our kids when that time comes.
do you guys have any favorite books i should be on the lookout for
or any awesome spots you've found little gems?

hope the rest of your weekend is lovely!
(oh yeah, and we leave for california tomorrow, in case you forgot-freaking! so stoked! pictures to come!)