March 12, 2013

California Sunshine

greetings from sunny california!
after twelve hours in the car
we finally made it to california sunday night
(we got stuck in traffic for three hours!)
thank the heavens for survivor & despicable me which kept me entertained through the thick of the traffic while my dear husband drove-the whole way there!
(he's the best)
yesterday we went grocery shopping at trader joe's, then tay and i went shopping at south coast plaza and found some cute new stuff! then once we got home, mariah made home-made
pepperoni and tomato pizza and we watched the bachelor finale!
yay catherine and sean! and yay desiree for being the next bachelorette!

today we made the treck to ojai to visit tay's uncle brad and walk around the harbor-it was beautiful!
i had some killer shrimp tacos at surf n' taco, and made a little friend! it reminded me so much of home being at the beach it was unreal. it's amazing how certain smells can remind you of places and memories- the smells of the water and feeling of sand, the sound of seagulls and wind in my hair reminds me so much of home! can't wait to visit there in august!
(sammy the seal! he was so adorable!)

we are loving the sunshine and warm weather-
such a great break from snowy salt lake-beach tomorrow!
can't wait to show you all the rest of our adventures-
including a hot air balloon ride on Thursday!
anybody ever been?



  1. You remember my friend, Carol Smith? She went on a hot air balloon ride with her granddaughter for her 16th birthday. What a woman!

  2. K I Love your blog!! And I'm so excited that I won the giveaway on rylee's blog!! Xoxo