March 20, 2013

Address Labels-Giveaway?

happy first day of spring everybody!

speaking of spring time, spring time means wedding time.
wedding times means invite time.
invite time means addressing a bajillion envelopes.
that's why today, i made these, at work:

giveaway worthy?
let me know!
just leave me a comment below.
i'm more than happy to arrange a giveaway!
we all need a little more motivation to write letters these days.

in other news, my mother-in-law spotted Charlie today in their backyard!
the first time they've seen him in ten days!
and he's alive!
as soon as they opened the door to snatch him, he "shot off like a rocketship"
at least that's what mama hawkins said
i rushed over as soon as i got off work and searched for him for two hours,
up and down the block, until it got dark and started to rain.
poor guy.
tay is still there setting live traps for him and keeping an eye on the big rocks he loves
to climb on when we would let him outside with us, hoping to have better luck than me.
thanks to those who reached out in support-continue to cross your fingers and say your prayers for little mister charlie!

one more thing:
rumor has it Google Reader is going away this summer.
until that time comes, you can still find me here.



  1. Please do a giveaway for the address lablels - they're adorable!

  2. Umm, I'd love this! Pwease!

  3. DEFINITELY giveaway worthy. We want. Real real bad.

  4. random.. google reader is going away? meaning there won't be blogger anymore?

  5. Okay, so I want to get some of these made for my sister and her soon to be hubs for when they write thank you notes for all those presents they're about to get. How can I order these? Ps, you can text me... 8012306710