February 19, 2013

Saturday Brunch

This past Saturday Tay and I hit up a local breakfast spot,
Eggs In The City.
Can I just say it was fabulous!
I highly recommend the Mexican Skillet & the French Toast!
They caramelize the toast and it makes it mmmm-delicious!
While we were sitting at the counter, enjoying the beautiful sunshine
and our delicious brunch, Taylor and I vowed to only eat at
local restaurants when we go out to eat on dates!
Anybody know any good local places in SLC area?
I'd love to hear!

We spent the rest of the day (until Tay had to work) walking
and exploring different antique & thrift shops downtown.
We found this store called City Creek Antiques that was
hands down the best antique store I've ever been in.
The shop owner, Spencer, was hilarious-he teased Tay and me
because we looked too young to be married-of course we never hear that...ever
(feel free to have a laugh at that last part).
They had the most amazing teacups there-I was absolutely in awe!
(for those of you who don't know, I collect teacups)

I sure do hope you guys took advantage of the weather this weekend
and enjoyed it with someone you love-I know I did!


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