February 25, 2013

Caramelized French Toast

hello everyone!
look at me-two posts in two days!

what a great weekend Tay and I had.
in addition to breakfast on saturday & window shopping
at fashion place mall, we decided to have an
oscar party Sunday evening!
and what a great time it was!
good friends, great food, and yummy yummy desserts!
i wish i had taken pictures, but i didn't really think about it
until it was too late.
next year, I guess.

so before we had our oscar extravaganza on Sunday evening
(by the way, didn't you just love Jennifer Lawrence's dress?! Swoon!)
i made some delicous caramelized french toast.
i'm not joking, it was the best french toast i've ever had.
let me share my tricks with you;
pardon the popcorn-looking eggs...
1. use the generic eggs and milk, of course as your base
2. a pinch of salt & plenty of cinnamon
(i add more cinnamon between each piece of bread so that it coats each piece)
3. here's my secret ingredient-vanilla. lots of vanilla. if you ever have the chance, too
purchase the mexican vanilla-it's a million times better than generic
4. after you make the french toast to your liking, place a tablespoon
(or two, depending on how many pieces of french toast you have made.
between the two of us i made five pieces and one tablespoon was just perfect)
of butter into the pan along with a 1/4 cup of water and a half a cup of brown sugar.
stir together and coat french toast in brown sugar glaze.
and that's it! so simple!
serve & enjoy!
if you have any questions about serving adjustments,
please comment below, i'm more than happy to answer your questions.

oh and also, i saw safe haven with some girls from work tonight.
loved it. i highly recommend it if you're in the mood for a lovey dovey,
semi-predictable, romantic, typical nicholas sparks movie.
josh duhamel + julianne hough = so cute

now i'm going to spend the evening with my love


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