February 23, 2013

Greasy Burritos & Garbage Hash

 i love Saturdays.
sleeping in, no work, no school, and i get to have my mornings with my darling.

tay and i went out to brunch again this morning-
let me tell you, I am loving going to all these new places!
and since we don't have much time during the week to go on dates, this makes it perfect!
(for those of you who missed my previous breakfast review, you can be in the loop here!)
today tay didn't even have to work so we spent the whole day together!
that hasn't happened in quite a while-i was as happy as a kid in a candy store

this weekend we went to a little place called 
The Belgian Waffle & Omelet Inn.
when we walked in, the place was hoppin!
it was snowing outside, there was a large murmur of conversation
and the smell of eggs & bacon were in the air;
the perfect combination for a lovely Saturday brunch.
i shied away from the French Toast again this week
(which is what I typically would order when getting breakfast)
and instead went with a breakfast burrito.
It was good, but not superb.
it needed a lot of hot sauce, since there wasn't much flavor
as far as breakfast burritos go, however, this one was in my top ten
taylor got something by the name of
garbage hash
now don't be turned away because of the name;
green peppers
hash browns
get this if you go.
tay said it's a little oniony but super good-
and freak, with a name like that how can you pass it up?
their hot chocolate is bomb also.
our waiter, however, was a bit of an airhead...
he came to our table three times the whole hourish we were there
and never refilled our waters

but overall, i would give the belgian waffle and omelette inn a
seven out of ten on the ashley restaurant scale.

have you ever been there?
any recommendations for next time or for future customers?



  1. I'm loving these little segments of local places to eat at. Keep it up, home girl!

  2. Yum! Have you been to The Village Inn restaurant yet? It's pretty good!