April 23, 2014

as of late

hello, friends!
please forgive me for not updating recently!
i came down with a gnarly cold last week and then we found a new place
to live last weekend so i've been packing up our little one bedroom
in preparation for tay to move everything in #perksofbeingaprego, right?

i am now 28 weeks and officially in my third trimester!
 it's hard to believe that they'll be here so soon!
we had our monthly ultrasound today, here's the newest update;
(oh, and i don't know if i told you, but we decided on a second name! max!)
(necklace picked up at the bijou market last weekend from miaearrings on etsy!)
-each babe weighs two and a half pounds and they are right on track with how far along i am
- oliver (baby A, on the bottom), is completely breached-like straight up bum down
and no hope of flipping anytime soon..but hopefully all the stars align and he flips.
- max is still stretched across my tummy, with his head very close to oliver's,
placed about my belly button (it's so sweet to see that no matter where they move,
their heads are always near one another. they're best friends, already!)
- i start having appointments every two weeks from here on out, then twice a week
after this next month. doc draper and i are going to become verrrrry good friends.
- they are both extremely active, sometimes waking me up at night with their
rowdy party in my tummy
- i've been getting more tired lately, probably because i'm carrying FIVE pounds!
some of you guys have been asking what it's like to be pregnant with twins.
honestly, i have nothing to compare it to, so i don't know that i can really tell you!
just a lot of movement. movement in my lower belly, and upper belly.
they love fruit and don't like too much walking around..stupid braxton hicks.
second trimester was by far my best, i'm already noticeably more tired as i move into my third.

i can't wait to show you guys our new place! it's just up the street, so we aren't going far.
it's a beautiful fourplex with a large master bedroom that leads out to a balcony,
a second bedroom for the babes, a newly remodeled kitchen, all with an antique,
old-school salt lake city house feel and giant windows that let in streams of sunlight!
we are in love!
aside from the fact that we have to get rid of charlie, our cat.
so if you know anyone interested in an adorable kitty, leave me a comment!
we're praying we find somebody before the end of the month..

so that's about all that's new here! just going day by day waiting for these beans!
oh-and tay's last day of class FOREVER is tomorrow! no mo' skoooool!
i'm about to go part time at work, which will give me a lot more time to work on their nursery,
which i'm really looking forward to! oh, and pampering myself before i am a walking
zombie for the next year of my life, ha!
hope everyone had a lovely easter!
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  1. i love reading all about max & oliver! can't wait for those babes to be here.i'll say it a million times--you are the cutest prego! i'm glad you're going part time at work so that you can rest & get things done around your new house--also let's talk about your new house! it sounds dreamy! madi & i will have to come see it asap :) love you a million. xoxo

  2. k, this might be a way dumb question. but can you tell if they're identical or fraternal?
    cutest names!!