November 5, 2013

as of late

stole this from the wonderful kayla @ all my best;
making: new prints for my etsy shop!
cooking: cornbread + white chicken chili
drinking: delicious natural root beer from sprouts
reading: enders game; wanted to read the rest before i saw the movie but now i can't find the book...
wanting: mcdonalds ice cream sundae, please
looking: forward to the weekend
playing: atlas genius; fabulous
wasting: time. lots of time.
also wasting: money on little caesars
wishing: that the snow would go away, fall wasn't long enough
enjoying: our new little apartment
waiting: for the weekend, always waiting for the weekend
liking: the fact that christmas is fifty days away; hollaaa
wondering: about our life in the next year
loving: our new heat transfer machine at work-can you say t-shirts all day long??
hoping: i don't freeze tonight
marveling: at this snow; no matter how much i hate it, it sure is beautiful
needing: a nice bubble bath + back massage
smelling: vanilla mixed with little caesars
wearing: right now-footies. today, jeans, boots + my buffalo shirt
noticing: how much i miss my family as of lately
thinking: about christmas
feeling: tired, full, happy and excited

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  1. This is so fun! Looooooove Ender's Game. Speaker for The Dead (the second book in the series) is probably one of the greatest books ever written (showing my nerd side here!). I'm glad you guys were able to find a good place!

  2. yay! i love that you did this. also i LOVE that 2 of your answers are about christmas. ashley, CHRISTMAS!! haha i love you!

  3. you and your husband are THE two most stylish humans.