November 20, 2013

sick as a dog

oh hey guys...long time no see.
can't say that i'm sorry..i've been spending my days lounging
on the couch/bed practically dying (not to be dramatic or anything).
i've been legit sick for a straight week.
not like a cough and a runny nose.
like, ya know those mucinex commercials, where the little green guys
decide to move in and take over your life?
it's like they built an entire community throughout my throat.
and nose.
and ears.
not fun.
it is pretty comical to hear my voice though..i sound like
i've been a straight smoker for 30 years,
mixed with a 12 year old boy just about to go through puberty.

needless to say, i've been living off popsicles, orange juice, and family feud.

enough of the tmi descriptions..anybody else as excited for
catching fire as me?
i am totally geeking out.
this was by far my favorite book, so i hope they do the movie justice.
so i'm sure you guys know that jennifer lawrence is pretty much the greatest
human on the face of the planet right?
i came across this video the other day on facebook and wanted to share-
she's so great.
click here to see the video.
amen, sister.

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  1. Can I just say that I love you guys and I want a cute life like yours one day? Yes.