March 5, 2014

taking stock

Making : cloud shelves for the nursery; well, i should say my father in law is, but i'll be painting them!
Cooking : nothing as of late, but made some mean meatballs on sunday.

Drinking :water...lots and lots of water
Reading : have been reading divergent but need to catch up; also the elizabeth smart book.
Wanting : to find a diaper bag-you'd think i was looking for a diamond on an island full of sand!
that, and a two bedroom apartment. i guess it will come eventually...
Looking: forward to mid-june when these beans come!
Playing: beyonce for the reaction yet, but they love food!
Wasting: time watching tv
Sewing: should be sewing blankets for the beans, just haven't gotten there yet.
Wishing: it was saturday so we could leave to californiaaaa!
Enjoying: the soft (and not so soft) kicks from the boys. they love reminding me they're there!
Waiting: for tay to get home.
Liking: the weather today.
Wondering: when my nausea will subside..tired of eating everything in sight. never thought i'd say that...
Loving: my new pregnancy pillow-oh man, it's heavenly.
Hoping: ...
Marveling: at how quickly my body is growing.
Needing: lots of baby things
Smelling: yummy flowers my dear friend just dropped off
Wearing: still fitting into my jeans with a belly band (holla!), maternity shirt, cardigan & toms
Following: uhh..?
Noticing: how much the beans love applesauce.
Knowing: i'm excited to sleep tonight, what an impossibly long day.
Thinking: about sunny california-definitely need a vacay.
Feeling: tired & large, but happy & content.
Bookmarking: fabrics for baby blanket. so many fabrics..
Opening: applesauce.
Feeling: thankful for where my life is right now. it's hard sometimes, and at times i just want to give up,
but i know it will be so worth it in the long run. feeling thankful for a loving and supportive
husband. feeling slightly overwhelmed, hoping we can provide everything for these beans.
never thought we would have twins in a one bedroom apartment, but i know everything
will work out when it needs to. grateful for our jobs, a roof over our heads, food in our mouths
and happiness in our hearts.

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