January 2, 2014


i've had a lot of thoughts today.
we had our 12, almost 13, week check-up but didn't get to see the beans,
just hear their tiny, speeding heart beats.
my left little bean has got a heart beat of about 163, my right bean
is at about 157, so they're doing really well! oh, and i've gained a pound-holla.
i was a little worried when it took a while to find the second heart-beat
but he/she was just hiding in the background.
the other was front + center, ready for action.
i cannot wait to meet them!
the further along i get, the more the
nerves and worries go away (although they'll probably never fully go away),
and the more excitement and anticipation sets in.
yesterday we went to look for cribs, stroller and car seats.
(notice the "s" on the end of those...)
we found some fabulous stuff at burlington, babies-r-us, and ikea.
anyone have anywhere else they liked to go for necessities?

+ the beans are actually the size of a peach, roughly 3" long
(according to my app; probably a bit smaller, since there are two)
+ still feeling the morning sickness, i have my good days and i have my bad days;
can't wait until i only have good days with no ralphing. i've seen way too much of
the insides of my stomach.
+ i haven't really had many cravings aside from fruits and veggies
and the occasional ice cream
+ we could find out what gender each bean is at our next appointment
which is at the end of this month-i'm so excited!!
even though we have announced our pregnancy, it still doesn't quite
feel real. i think until i know what gender the beans are, and can
feel them moving around (which i hear is wild), things will be much more real
+ feeling anxious, excited, slightly overwhelmed, happy, tired, always hungry
+ my favorite thing so far has been the way tay talks to the beans.
he always tells them good night and kisses my belly.
he's going to be an amazing dad.
i hope they have his compassion and love of life.
oh, and his nose.
 the beans at 8 weeks-two separate sacks means more than likely they'll be fraternal
helloooo, 12 weeks!
can't wait until i'm past the awkward fat stage and actually have a bump i can dress!
oh, and please excuse the messy house..the holidays really took their toll on our little place.

i'm excited to keep you all updated!
we have another appointment in 4 weeks, and then a second one in 7 where they
look at the organs and anatomy of the beans. if we don't find out the gender
at 16 weeks, we'll definitely know by 20!
i'm still working on that video of our parents for you guys-can't wait to show you!

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  1. Replies
    1. Hahaa! can't wait to see your pregnant self, lady!

  2. ok im sorry if i comment on every one of your pregnancy posts, but you are just the cutest. seriously. could not be more excited for you!!

  3. SO CUTE! I am just about 11 weeks so this is so fun to have a fellow sista who's expecting as well! I grew up with twins in my family so this is just the funnest blog for me to read. best of luck!


    1. Oh my goodness I could just pick your brain about twins! We can't wait! Congrats on your pregnancy too! I'll follow you and we can be pregnant buddies :)

  4. Ashley! Your little pregnant bump is the cutest thing in the world. I"m so stoked for you and having TWINS. Holy crap. Let's hang out, too! I can't wait to find out what you're having. Eeeeepppp!

    1. you and me both! I'm thinking boy & girl but we will see! Miss you terribly, it's been too long!

  5. I'm so excited for you, I can't believe you're having twins. I hope the babies cooperate so you can find out the genders!!
    Target has a really good sale a few times a year for car seats if you don't have those yet. I wish I would have gotten the kind that converts from Newborn to Toddler stage- we had to get a couple new car seats when Elle outgrew them, and I didn't know they existed until too late. Oh well.
    Loving your cute baby bump!