August 10, 2013


man i had no idea that the last few weeks would be such a whirlwind!
between going + coming home from michigan,
moving EVERYTHING into our new apartment
in literally two days, then having a family
reunion, and cameron's (tay's little brother) homecoming tomorrow,
my life has been a nonstop roller coaster ride (get it? >>)
our vacation was so fabulous-we ended on a trip to chicago!
tay and i are pretty much in love with that city..

the day we got home, we ended up packing half our house and dropping
it off at our new apartment; let me just tell you this, i don't recommend it.
it was the longest day ever.

i have so many wonderful memories from our first little basement apartment.
our amazing ward, our crazy upstairs neighbors, the awesome location,
and the little shops that were so close-not to mention sugarhouse park!
the move has been difficult for me, as i am not a huge fan of change.
i know that this new place will be great, once we find our groove,
but i'm just so comfortable with where we were, that it's hard to want anything different.
know what i mean?

on a completely different note, we had tay's family reunion
this weekend and i caught this gem on camera;
oh my heck, i died.
seriously cannot wait to have kids.

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  1. Basically, I'm so glad that we have the same life right now. I thought I was the only psycho person out there ;) I guess I've had this past week to pack a little bit, but we get home from vacation on Wednesday late afternoon and the apartment managers do the walk through of our empty apartment on Friday :P BLAH!!!

    1. good luck, girl!! you can DO it! and you're definitely not psycho haha if you are, that means i am too!