January 2, 2015


2014 was a truly fantastic year.
we were finally able to meet our little boys, and
they really have given us so much happiness and light
in our lives.

taylor was given a raise at work, and our etsy shop
has really grown by leaps and bounds.
i really cannot fathom what 2015 will bring us!

last year i didn't make many resolutions, so this year
i would like to change that.
that being said, since i've never really been one to
keep up a resolution, i'm starting out simple with just a few main things.

+ get prepared with food storage; i'm embarrassed to say that we
have never really had a steady supply of food storage.
i want to make sure we are prepared for us and the boys in case
something were to happen.

+ read my scriptures every day, even if it's a few verses and record impressions.

+ continue to improve our etsy shop, expand, and become more informed on
internet business success

+ stop being so worried about others' lives that i forget to live my own

+ spend quality time with each of my boys individually

what are some of your goals for 2015?

happy new year, friends!

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