December 12, 2014

oops // giveaway

six months!
holy smokes, our little nugs are six whole months old!
they are such a joy, and chance every single day!
they both roll over like crazy and i'm seeing glimpses of the beginnings
of army crawling-yikes!

they love their solids, especially bananas, sweet potatoes and applesauce.
ollie loves to steal max's toys (who puts up a fight on his own!)
he has two teeth and is always blowing raspberries.
he is getting better at sitting up but still needs a little help,
although he is crazy strong!

max loves to lick and suck on everything.
toys, the floor, blankets, his name it, he's licked it.
still gummin' it, and doesn't show any signs of teething.
he loves his name and kisses on his neck.
he can sit with support, not a fan of his bumbo or car seat.

i knew you'd look through all the pictures-and i'm glad you did!
because i have great news!
my dear friend kayla at all my best regards is doing a crooked nook giveaway!
see this post for more details, and check out my etsy store here.
i'm also doing 10% off all orders until Monday with the coupon code KAYLA.


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