August 4, 2014

two months; almost

my good friend madi came over this weekend and took some amazing
photos for us-she is phenomenal! 
there are so many more where these came from, these are just a few of my favorites.
i'm learning so much every single day about these two boys.
they are growing and developing so much-and almost two months old.
i love my little family!
having kids really does turn your whole world upside down.
we are responsible for these little boys for the rest of our lives.
we will teach them, love them, support them and help them.
sometimes it seems incredibly daunting, other times it seems like an amazing task.
i'm so grateful for the love i have for these boys, and how much it grows every day.
i feel like i'm finally understanding this motherhood thing, even though
i have a long way to go!

 photo cursivesigsmall_zps1d5fedfe.jpg

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  1. I love these!! The one with you holding both babies over your shoulders is my favorite!!