September 12, 2013


please excuse the vulgarity of this just had to be done.
this is to you, park place apartments.
for making our life a living hell the past month and a half.

thanks a lot for wasting our time.
for wasting our money.
for letting us move in when your complex was infested.
for all the sleepless nights i would lay awake
worrying how long it would be before the next step would be taken to get everything treated.
for all the tears shed, the objects thrown, the curses said.
for the fake concern you had for our situation.
we know you don't care..just stay in your locked office like the cowards you are.
oh, and thanks for not letting us break our lease,
after having slept there for five nights.
for the packing, unpacking, packing and unpacking we did.
for the money we wasted on a u-haul thinking it would fry those S.O.B's.
and now for the packing, unloading, and unpacking we still have to do.
oh, and most of all, thanks for giving us bed bugs.
oh wait, but thanks for getting rid of them, we really appreciate the gesture.

you can all go shave your backs now.

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  1. Ah man, that is seriously the worst! You had a worse situation than we did moving. Our complex was afraid of us when we left, we just had a lawyer write them a letter about how they were in violation of their end of the contract and wallah! :)

    1. we were going to do that, but they wouldn't let us break the lease!! it was so stupid..anyway it's all better now and it's behind us, so now it's time to move forward!

  2. Found your blog from your insta! Love it it, and your cute little life!

  3. Karly Prescott had bed bugs a few years ago and it was theeee worst. Such an emotional experience, is that weird? But really it feels like you don't have any safe place and it's weird. I'm glad you are out of that awful situation!